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Clonezilla Disk Imaging And Cloning Utility Live USB Boot Disk Tutorial

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45 Comments on Clonezilla Disk Imaging And Cloning Utility Live USB Boot Disk Tutorial

  1. Thank you for video . My laptop has 2 hard drive inside it . How i clone both in one

  2. i want to see the naming of the image

  3. In 2019 still very useful, thanks! Very descriptive and well explained

  4. Thank you very much Richard.A very clear and simple instruction video for cloning and imagning hard drives

  5. FOR KALI LINUX CLONERS: You must have 3 Drives. 1) Your Orignal Kali Linux Drive 2) The destination drive (where you want to copy Kali to) 3) Drive for clonezilla live

  6. Still works great today… Thanks ????

  7. It all seems very complicated to me, I have Windows 10 and Linux Mint 17.3 on a 500g HDD on separate partitions, could I copy both operating systems and the data and boot sequence directly to a new 2tb HDD ?

  8. I watches so many clonezilla videos and the mass majority are a big waste of time. They don't tell you the commands they are typing in and the terminal is so small you can't read the text. Those guys are idiots. Finally I found a tutorial that was created in a legible and understandable way… Thanks

  9. THank you for this video, very clear, and i understood you.
    I would like to ask though….
    My hard drive in my laptop is dying and it has a faulty bad sector…
    I see there are 3 options for the disk to disk clone option:
    Skip checking / repairing source file system
    Interactively check and repair source file system before cloning
    *update i just chose ignore….
    no it asks me am i am sure i was to destroy target , yes
    but it keeps telling me about a gpt … or simlar mismatch
    this is ridiculous.
    I have wiped the disk in windows 10 and it is blank unpartitioned,,,i still get that message.
    Not user friendly at all.
    i dont know how to consider using this if it is very good, i dont understand why i get this message
    anybody with advise please

    Thing is, i know i have a disk error, i was told Clone Zilla is the tool to use because it can ignore the bad sectors…
    which option do i use ?

  10. thank you this video helped out alot

  11. This has been very helpfull because I've had varying degrees of success cloning and getting good booting media. Clonzila should fix all.

  12. So…… I want to take one machine install windows install 40 programs then copy the drive and install on many machines. would they all have same programs and everything trying to speed up PC distribution at work otherwise I need to install all 40 programs on every desktop thank you nice video

  13. It seems the program is unable to clone properly if the new drive is larger in size than the old drive. I cloned a 256gb ssd (My system boot drive) on to a 512gb ssd. When I boot from the replacement drive, Windows thinks it is just 256GB! I switch the drive to dynamic drive and now additional space is seen in the disk management but Windows still doesn't allow me to extend the C drive to include the unused space.

  14. An informative tutorial . The boot loader cloning feature is simply an icing on the cake!

  15. Best guide still works march 2019

  16. So I have a parted magic boot USB. I want to simply copy my storage SSD (non os drive), over to a larger one since I ran out of space. Is it as simple as copying and pasting with gparted? Could I just do the same in Windows? It's about 500gb from one drive over to a 1tb drive. Do I need to clone for a non OS drive situation?

  17. say ive only used 100gb or so on a 1tb hdd can i clone that drive to a 240gb ssd? ive tried with software in windows and that software wouldnt allow it. doing some work on my moms computer as the hdd is older and starting to get noisy. id like to be able to save all the contents of the drive before it fails without having to do a reinstall of the o/s and all the software and seperate backup of files.

  18. Thanks for the very easy to follow tutorial! Now I am off to do some cloning!!

  19. I missed the part when you can remove the thumb drive

  20. How'd you get so handsome Richard lloyd?

  21. As of right now, Yumi isn't working with Clonezilla, I had to use tuxboot

  22. Richard Lloyd pls tell me on the 13th minute you chose the device-device, and there was a device-image. If you select an device-image, then how can this image be used? What program to unpack and install on a new hard drive? Will the copied system be bootable?

  23. Hey I followed you until 12:12 and then I got an error kernel panic attempted to kill unit" whatthe hell happened?

  24. excellent tutorial. Really walk me through everything and I felt very confident that you weren't going to fuck me over with this tutorial. Did exactly what you said and I successfully cloned my 120GB Intel SSD C: drive to my new 1TB Silicon Power SSD which is my new main drive.

    Thanks dude!!

  25. Thank you very much for the video! I want to do a clone of my current hard drive to an old one I have that is smaller as an emergency backup. 1TB to a 500GB. Less than 500GB is used on the 1TB source drive. Will it let me do this?

  26. are you able to give one on one tutoring.

  27. I want to clone a hard drive of hp laptop to Dell hard drive. Is it possible?

  28. Richard! You're a good man. +1 on the tutorial.

  29. My computer recognises my External ssd as a local disk. How can I solve this?

  30. Went through all the steps and after yumi finished, i only have the multiboot folder not the .disk. What do i do?

  31. I tried to do disk-to-disk clone expert mode because I wanted to use all available space on a 1TB SSHD. The source disk 500GB HHD. The clone work well, but windows 10 was not able to boot from the new SSHD. Automatic repair was not successful. Nothing worked until I put back the old 500GB in the machine. It's an Intel i3 64bit Windows 10 Machine.

    Any idea why it won't boot from the new SSHD?

    Btw the old HHD has two partitions.

  32. Can you tell me if i need a M2 B or M ssd?

  33. Everything worked fine, until I restarted the computer the drive that I cloned does not show up on my File Explorer screen, its like its not there please advise.

  34. follow video great results Thanks

  35. Does this work for m.2

  36. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Just have a question. I have just had my system crash the other day that was running Lubuntu and have just got it all set back up the way i want it, I am using it as a media center. It has a 500gb hdd and the system only takes up about 20gb of space.
    When cloning the system will it only clone the 20gb?
    I have been looking at what i can do and keep reading comments from other backup software that the device i am cloning to has to be larger than the internal hdd. I am hoping to clone it to a 32gb usb stick so if it crashed again it would be relatively quick and easy to get back up and running again.

  37. if i do one hd to another will it boot up and look exactly like the hd i copied from?

  38. Could you please instruct me how to make a complete bootable W10 usb drive? Thanks & Regards.

  39. This is a really well made guide, thank you very much!

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