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Clonezilla Tutorial: How to back up or clone your PC's HDD or SSD

Clonezilla is an open source, free and easy way to backup your hard drive, clone a drive, and more. This video is a tutorial showing you how to use a Clonezilla bootable USB drive and backup your HDD.

22 Comments on Clonezilla Tutorial: How to back up or clone your PC's HDD or SSD

  1. Probably but that like button to put you at 1k, straight to the point and informative. Thank you sir.

  2. I followed the steps and got my image, thank you. Now what is the next step for using the new SSD as my main boot/OS hard disk?

  3. I have a question, I only want to clone my programs (not the OS) as I brought a prebuilt PC with windows already installed. Is this possible? I don't want to have to reinstall everything manually D:

  4. Well-done, thanks.

    The whole time I wanted to push the laptop screen back a little since it's at an odd angle! (ha)

  5. I am trying to clone a Lenovo but it comes with a small ssd and a hard drive. How do I go about setting up this. I've noticed when I choose the source it actually allows me to be able to select both the hdd and a ssd. Would that cause problems or work fine?

  6. But what If the target hdd is smaller than the source ? The data on the source is not bigger than the target available space. I tried to shrink the source partition to fit, but i get the same error.

  7. If it is free software I like it already and I have not tried it yet. I find that a lot of cloning software has some price.

  8. Does clonezilla make an image of the whole disk partition, or just the windows file system??

  9. I am trying to get info on cloning a Linux Mint drive. Is there anything easier similar to what you can use with a Windows program that lets you simply pick source, pick destination, go. No more complicated than that. I use a Acronis program that came with a SSD drive for my Windows PC. Very easy and works every time. My goal is to be able to swap the cloned drive and have it boot up and run just like the original.

  10. Thanks excellent video!

  11. Awesome instructional video, thank you

  12. Thank you. Now I need a video to place this image unto a new hard drive.

  13. Is there anyway i can get my Windows Xp Installation (9GB) to my SSD ? It fails all the time saying the SSD is to small. HDD = 500GB, SSD = 120GB.

  14. I can't get to legacy with my ultility…

  15. I can't get my head around this at all! it sounds very difficult, ok for techies I guess.

  16. As a point of clarification, Clonezilla is a GUI app, NOT command line.

  17. Quick and helpful. All tutors should be like you. Thanks.

  18. Fun Fact: Not only did CloneZilla not work for me, but it corrupted both my main drive and backup hard drive. I had to go through an entire mess of recovering the Ubuntu GRUB after this.
    If CloneZilla ruined your hard drives, then please THUMBS UP this comment so no one else has to suffer the same fate.

  19. Very helpful! Thanks.

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