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Command prompt hacks and tricks! (useful)

command prompt hacking, hacks, and tricks. plenty of useful and educational hacks and tricks. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Script looks like:
@echo off


The star wars trick requires that you have telnet activated, so check to see if you have it activated before you say it doesnt work

19 Comments on Command prompt hacks and tricks! (useful)

  1. "2" that'll just shut down the computers ?? or it can harm the computers in any way??

  2. can you hack coins off of fabook like slotomania/??

  3. hey. help!..When i open my ".bat" file it just like it pops up then gone. ….how?

  4. Whenever i try to open the command prompt(notepad file) the cmd appears for a blink of an eye and then it's gone. Help anyone?

  5. if u want fun here is fun
    rightclick on desktop>new>text document
    this should open your notepad and type this or copy paste this code in there
    @echo off
    start c:
    start d:
    goto 1

    after you done this step go ahead and "save as" dont open.bat or any name but make sure you type ".bat" after the name. and you should see a bat extention file on your can thn delete the new text document and as you double click the file..its really annoying to close..

  6. 4:25 Why did I not do that when I was hacking Parental Controls. It couldve been much easier :)

  7. it won't open it keeps closing when i open it.

  8. mine say access denied

  9. What wallpaper is that 4 your computer???

  10. Thanks, man you just told me how to hack into the Pentagon with CMD and a 1GB flashdrive!

  11. the star war movie is not coming

  12. You need to add an ip in the add box

  13. if i wanna change the admin. password it says ACCESS DENIED….or a normal user it says access denied anyways

  14. I wish I knew this back in high school.

  15. at the top the name of the document is some crazy russian shi*

  16. when you are gonna shutdown the computers, what do you type in the add computers thing?

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