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Comparing Windows 10 to Windows 7

In this video, I compare Windows 10 to Windows 7, two fairly similar but different operating systems from totally different time periods.

DISCLAIMER: if you’re a Windows 7 fan and hate Windows 10, then you won’t like this video, as I give praise to several areas of Windows 10 in this video.

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38 Comments on Comparing Windows 10 to Windows 7

  1. windows 7 and it was my first os i've used

  2. Yep Windows 10 Is Better i agree

  3. It isn't fair windows 7 is getting cut for support. It is such a hardy and well preforming os at least gaming wise like with windows 7 black edition.

  4. At school I learned to work with Microsoft windows about 20 years ago and till windows 7 it was easy manageable. Shit happens after windows 8, it takes much longer to find what you are searching for and it appears to be made for dummies or near-sighted, big tiles e'where, just give me the old interface in windows 10 pro like 7 Pro and I'll be fine????

  5. The theme for Windows 10 actually does have a name. So here is what it Microsoft set theme names as:
    Windows 1.0 – 3.1 = (Not named)
    Windows 95 – Millennium Edition = Windows Standard
    Windows XP = Luna, Windows Classic
    Windows Vista – 7 = Windows Aero
    Windows 8 = Metro
    And, Windows 10 = Windows Aero.

    Yes, it makes no sense, except Microsoft removed names for Windows themes in Windows 10, however, if you go to C:WindowsresourcesThemes, you will notice it says "Aero" for the default theme.
    If you do the exact same thing in Windows 8, it does say "Aero" for the theme, but that is because it still has resources from Windows 7 , and so does Windows 10, except Microsoft made a statement that the theme is called "Metro", but for Windows 10, they didn't give it a name, so the name is technically Windows Aero.

  6. Windows 7 is the best
    Edit: cause win 7 is super ez peez to use and user friendly,and you can have many things better than those sensitive ass win 10 they get virus for no reason

  7. His mouse is jumping through time

  8. To be honest, I don't know why people are mad at the spyware on Windows 10.

    Pretty much every single program and site you use tracks you, some even above the extent of Microsoft's tracking.
    I understand everything else.

  9. Windows 10 kinda makes my laptop lag..

  10. windows 7 doesn't have settings the control panel is the only thing to customize your windows

  11. this man has windows for windows xd

  12. 6:15 Windows 7 Professional does come with the classic games, but you have to enable them manually.

  13. Am i the only person who thinks windows 7 looks better?

  14. Windows 10 look much better

  15. Windows 10 with Warhawk Debloat scripts and Open Shell will help those wanting a cleaner and easier system to use.

  16. Win-7 features :
    Awesome graphics and easy to use

    Win-10 features :
    Awe some graphics and easy to switch on win-7

  17. Windows 7 is better than 10.

  18. Pls gime me win 7 link

  19. i used windows 7 in last 2 years and like the windows 7

  20. Great video! I have to say that if you don't have an updated system image, reinstalling Windows 7 from scratch is a long and tedious process, which is even worse if you have a spinning hard drive instead of a SSD. With all the updates think of around 2 gb. And it takes pretty much half a day! From my experience Windows 10 does an awesome job of finding and installing all the hardware drivers.

  21. windows 7 will end support soon…. 🙂

  22. Windows 10's interface does have a name, its shit.

  23. How about windows10 automatically reopening closed program processes on reboot. Can’t even turn it off. Terrible function.

  24. I really only got to use XP and 10. XP was great, but the sudden transition between that and 10 felt… off…
    And I've been using Windows 10 for 3 years. I seriously wish I could just install Windows 7 and forget about 10 entirely…
    …but Microsoft is trying to push Windows 10 out to everyone. They're killing off Windows 7 by ending support, which was a really dumb move.
    I also got 2 random blue screens out of context for literally no reason.

  25. Running Windows 10, on Windows 10.

  26. Windows 7 is the best OS, and Windows 10 looks plain & boring.
    Change. My. Mind…

  27. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.. All that useless rambling

  28. Why do you guys hate Windows 10? I removed the bloatware from the OS (the only UWP apps I use are Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail and Groove Music), I completely turned off the telemetry and I have a newer computer. I usually see complaints against Windows 10 from broke-ass people who still have a computer with a Core 2 Duo and other kinds of old hardware and they expect it to run. In my opinion, if you want to get the best experience that Windows 10 can offer, please, buy a computer with at least 6-year-old parts so you could find drivers for Windows 10. These people hate Windows 10 for the same reason as they hated Vista: running a new operating system on a decade-old hardware and expecting silky-smooth setup and usage.

  29. What's that noise in the background, my nerves are on edge!

  30. The only Problem with staying with Windows 7 is Microsoft Support will end and leave it vulnerable to hacking and infiltration etc, XP, the same.

  31. what's with the fucking background noise?

  32. Do I need to change to win10 from win7 after 2020? I heard that win7 is not going to be secured anymore and I'm scared lol

  33. I'm still in a dilemma, should I upgrade to windows 10 or still keep running windows 7?

  34. Windows 10 can barely run it's own programs without crashing. Older W7 programs open in a flash, while W10 programs (like Photo or Video Viewer) take a while to open, and are likely to just crash.

  35. Windows 7 is great for schools
    Windows 10 is good for gamers and work
    I do have reasons but I don't want to type them

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