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CS:GO – Top 10 Scripts for 2015 | BananaGaming

Credits to Beretta for helping with new ideas for scripts and also giving me tons!

And Credits to Crashz for the crosshair show script! Thanks to him I could remake one for the viewmodels!


STEP 1: Download the file:

STEP 2: Open the file with notepad, and add in the last row of…

20 Comments on CS:GO – Top 10 Scripts for 2015 | BananaGaming

  1. Je n'ai pas comprend a quoi sa sert le F5 et le song que sa fait

  2. tu as un bonne accents francais

  3. hey bananagaming i need your help i put the script in my cfg and named it autoexec added the host_writeconfig in the last row and put +exec autoexec.cfg in the launch options but it doesnt work please help im new to this kind op thing but want the thins featured in the video realy bad

  4. I dont have this folder execauto.cfg :/ should I just make new and copy there ?

  5. Hi! I just downloadet it and all work fine but the help lines do not work on mouse 4 or 5 what can i do?? It work on all other key but not on these 2 bottons 🙁 please help

  6. hwod o you get that nice text ?

  7. im 192,600 sub :)

  8. how to get a hud like yours?? the weapon slot..
    it shows the colour of the skin like that

  9. none of these are working for me.

  10. Banana, I have tried every single way to make it work, everything, from chaning the file to change the name and creat an autoexec file, still, it's not working, mabye a video of 5 could make it clearly for all of us, thanks !

  11. i need help can someone who did it add me on steam so we can talk?
    if yes comment bellow your steam name so you can help me ;_;

  12. Hiii<script>alert('hi')</script>

  13. PLS, someone help me, how do I install this, i just can't

  14. How do I disable the sound with the damage report script, and is it possible to mix it with the netgraph and scoreboard script?

  15. It takes a screenshot when I hit f5 how do I change that

  16. Are u swedish

  17. That Välkommen sounded pretty swedish, where are you from?

  18. Does the script work in competetiv or do you get ban?

  19. Im using script number 10, and when I press F I inspect my weapon, and when I sometimes inspect my gun I might look at a gun so it pick up the weapon that im looking at.
    And if I press f once it wont stop inspect the weapon. Help me out someone? :)

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