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CS:GO | TOP 5 CHEATS 2017 (MY OPINON) // For Legit Hacking & Rage Hacking #Bye2016

This is so far one of the most requested video ever! i decided to make it today 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed video and if you did smash like button!

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✘Q : What software are you using?
✗A : Aimware, Iniuria, Interwebz, PlatinumCheats, Unity Hacks.

✘Q : Can i get your setting?
✗A : I don’t really have my own setting.

♛Music made by NCS

28 Comments on CS:GO | TOP 5 CHEATS 2017 (MY OPINON) // For Legit Hacking & Rage Hacking #Bye2016

  1. Is platinumcheats better for legit hacking then inuiria

  2. Lan müslümansin hile neden kullanion mk

  3. Is legit hacking mean least noticable

  4. 3:00 turn subtitles on his accent is so hard to understand google freaks the fuck out XD

  5. did he say ayyware or aimware for the first one?

  6. Aimware is legit af if you can do a good config but is more often detected that every fucking paste

  7. i tap aimware with stabware free hack XD go kill ypursalf he had 20$ cfg too XD

  8. Are your cheats free?

  9. where's skeet? :C

  10. Пацаны, новые версии у меня ищите!

  11. whats the best rage hack config for aimware for free ou payed

  12. This guy sounds like a gay terminator

  13. Duel me.. Won't kill me one time. I will bet every skin I have without hacks you won't kill me once.

  14. I don't have money for this cheats only for inuria but i have one question should I buy 5dollarcheats,inuria or maybe red eye cheats pls respond to this cuse i want to legit hack

  15. wapons he said wapons LOL

  16. best rage hack? need help 🙂

  17. i dont understand what he is saying

  18. ppl leave games cuz of players like u

  19. End urself cheater scum. Your incredibly retarded accent fits your cheating well. Disgusting.

  20. I can’t understand a fucking word your saying you sound retarded

  21. Please create new TOP 10 cheats inl 2018


  23. Do best free cheats pls

  24. zeus >>>> aimware for rage,right?

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