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DaFont Tutorial | Windows 10/8/7 | How to get Free Fonts for your PC!!!

Hey Guys, welcome back!!!
Today I will show you how to get free cool fonts for Windows 10/8/7
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I do not own Dafont. The video’s purpose is to show how to get free fonts from the website.

Have A Great…

30 Comments on DaFont Tutorial | Windows 10/8/7 | How to get Free Fonts for your PC!!!

  1. i can't open the zip file

  2. 3:02 i couldnt find that 🙁

  3. Dude! I was reading the comment section and saw that there was quite an outro coming up, so I was prepared for it…that thing still scared the crap out of me! Ha!

  4. I don't have a frickin font folder!?!

  5. Oh my goddess! I was about ready to throw my laptop in the trash until I watched your video. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Downloaded the font an install I font settings but how can I use

  7. For all of you that have a problem copy and pasting!-

    In the fonts section of control panel there are multiple settings you can adjust on the left sides of the page, read through each setting, one of them goes something along the lines of allowing you to add fonts from unknown sources or fonts not from windows. Then try copying and pasting the font again. Sorry for the miscommunication, as I have been very inactive on this account.

  8. Good job however it didn’t work. I couldn’t drag and drop the font into the system folder, fonts. It gave the me the no symbol. Tried it twice by your directions. It must be me, you were great. I liked your video and subscribed.

  9. I have windows 10 and when i type fonts to put the new font in the folder, it comes up with font setting and won't let me put it in the fonts place so i can use the font. HELP!!!! please

  10. Outro raped my ears, otherwise good vid!

  11. HOLYY SHIIIITTTT scared the shit out of me hahah good video tho

  12. Hey man thanks for making this video it really helped!

  13. There's A better font site it Called Bassically you download the files of the font you want, Then You Extract The files from the Zip, Then there's a file on that with the name of the font .otf
    On that you click install

  14. cool thanks for the advise! 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for the help????????

  16. your outro makes my ears bleed, good tutorial though

  17. This video was from a while ago, I apologize for hurting all your ears with the outro! Make sure to sub if you enjoyed!

  18. Your outro music is reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy loud compared to your video.

  19. pls next time in 1080p

  20. Omg I downloaded a shareware one and I didn’t know what shareware was and now I’m scared, if I delete the font from the program I’m using do I not get charged?

  21. I’ve watch 7 frickin vids I come to you and I did it you a god thanks bra

  22. thans brody u a g

  23. quality resolution but helpful brother

  24. Thank you so much. This really helped!

  25. Great instruction. This works in WordPad! Awesome thank you so much. Do you know if this would work using a Cricut Machine? Appreciate your time!

  26. Yesssss! Thank you so much! I was so sad because I couldn’t figure out how to import fonts for my Silhouette Cameo. You rule!!

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