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DEFCON 19: Excel Hacking

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9 Comments on DEFCON 19: Excel Hacking

  1. caca is slang for shit. that's why he keeps laughing

  2. Not sure why everyone is hating on Spain. I'd like to see any of you talk even remotely as proudly of your country. Fun talk overall.

  3. 1 question for the Spain-haters. How many of the people that had gone to and talked in all Defcons are from Spain? Then it's quite odd to have one of the best guys around, there.
    Maybe just once you could be less arrogant and selfish.
    Hating someone pratiotic says a lot about the other countries.

    Buena charla y viva España.

  4. literally fucking died when they opened cmd with a shortcut
    typing from hell brb satan wants something

  5. Not only does this guy spend way too much time talking about Spain, but their companies website isn't even good. In fact if you try to try it without the www you get a 408 error because they haven't properly configured their .htaccess or web.config file.

  6. You know what, at this point I'm never going to Spain out of spite.


  7. This guys, always spends like 5-10% of his time talking about Spain.

  8. Congrat's !!..Great show…Thank you!!!
    Greetings from Macedonia!!!

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