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Dell XPS 15 Advanced Set Up 9560 Kaby Lake Windows 10 Creators

Set up the Dell XPS 15 the advanced method with Windows 10 April 2018 update. This is if you install or upgraded with a new SSD or you just want a to get back 12GB from the Dell XPS 15 recovery partitions.

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21 Comments on Dell XPS 15 Advanced Set Up 9560 Kaby Lake Windows 10 Creators

  1. Hey mate I was just wondering if it is necessary to reinstall the Intel Rapid Storage application, thanks for the video mate.

  2. Hi, just a few questions. I've just bought a 9570 (i7 4k) and don't want bloatware. However, when looking at the drivers list some of them loom pretty essential:
    There are loads of SSD drivers… do you need any of them, will they affect performance?
    "Intel Chipset Software Driver" – what is this?
    "Realtek memory card reader" – will my device be able to read memory cards without this?
    "Goodfix finger print sensor driver" – do you need this to run the finger print driver?
    Thanks in advance if you respond.

  3. Hey I got a question regarding the 9570 (most likely it's the same for the previous model): When you do a clean installation of Win 10, what about the product key? Windows is still registered when you start it for the first time isn't it? Thanks a lot for your answer, loving your XPS videos! Take care.

  4. Gents, have you experienced BSOD, Memory Management, issue's on the 60 or 70? Im getting a BSOD for memory management daily. Any thoughts?

  5. My Core Voltage Offset jumps back to 0,000 after reboot. How do I save it, so that it always starts with the -0,150?? Any Idea?

  6. Hello sir can you help on gpu in xps 9560 . My laptop is not showing that.

  7. Looking at 9570 drivers which is dell updater and color premier?

    Is the dell updater drive:
    "Dell Update – SupportAssist Update Plugin"
    "Dell Update Application for Windows 10 RS1+"
    "Dell Update Application Win 32"
    "Dell Command Update"

  8. What's creators update? Is it for people who do video editing? I'm gonna buy new XPS 15 and I'll be using it mostly for programming, so in this case which update should i use? Please advise. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for this, very useful in setting up my new Dell 9575. However, it is indeed possible to enable AHCI after installing Win10. Works well, see: (I also used Safe mode on the re-boot, just to be sure).

  10. Am I missing something here on these custom battery settings? %10? It keeps doing a hard shut off in about an hour and a half or so and now it seems to not want to start at all now that I accidentally let it happen more than a few times this afternoon working with my new purchase.

  11. hey Matte, I've watched loads of your vids about the dell xps, I'm based in Brazil and an Australian is bringing one for me. Where in Australia will I be more prone to find a good deal on the 9560 certified refurbished or just new ? seems to be way more expensive than in the US! appreciate the help and all the vids.

  12. Hey mate. I have few questions about this.. now what uve done in this video, is it the process for a signature edition windows 10 for SSD? Because I saw your signature edition video and that's for hard drives I presume. Please clarify. And the last question is – once you make your pc a signature edition will the fingerprint sensor still work? (Due to all the drivers being deleted) Or does it require driver's aswell? If so where can I get them?

    This is for the same xps 15 ( 9570) ( 2018 )
    PS – Nice vids – keep it up

  13. Very nice video!

    I'm getting the 9570 and was thinking of doing this. Do you lose your Windows license key though by removing all the partitions and installing a fresh copy of windows? Or does the tool make sure it stays activated

  14. I followed this for my XPS 9570. I selected AHCI after installing my 2TB 970 EVO, installed the Win10 ISO, installed/updated all drivers and my boot times are slower than my 6 year old Alienware M14X. It takes over a minute from power-on to login screen. Is there a size limit to AHCI? Did I miss something? Any input would be helpful, cheers!

  15. does this also work for the dell xps 15 9570?

  16. Finally got my XPS 15 9570 and about to fresh install windows. What's the advantage / need to switch from RAID On to AHCI? Is it worth it? Default BIOS setting is RAID On.

  17. Will it get rid off my windows 10 pro on my xps 15?

  18. Just got the 9560 at a great price and have followed your setup videos which are awesome. Thanks.
    Can you explain why you recommended setting the display scaling to 100% when the default is 120% on the HD version?

  19. Excellent video ! Thanks. I have just purchased a
    Dell XPS 15 9570 with the top end specs of i9, 32 ram and 1TB SSD. When I
    receive it I want to do the advanced setup. Are the instructions in
    this video still valid for the 9570?

  20. Tallyho WGU! Is this tutorial still the most current set up for 9560? Planning on doing this ASAP to optimize performance. Cheers

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