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DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 10 DIY Ideas

DIY clothes life hacks! In this life hacks video I show DIY clothes from old clothes, perfect for fashionable teenagers, kids or anyone else! DIY clothes for summer fashion video includes 10 DIY life hacks on how to recycle your old jeans, shirts into new amazing crafts.

Check out Maddie’s video:

DIY clothes from old jeans are probably my fave. Patched jeans and denim jackets are a huge trend this season. Buying those in store can be pretty…

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  1. Thank you for watching the video guys! I made another DIY clothes video last year 🙂 You can check it out here ->

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  18. You are amazing and talented at making things and think full!Ur really smart!

  19. My fav DIY in the video was the triangle galaxy shirt!

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