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Easy Way Hacking Mikrotik Server And Protect It From Anonymous

Hacking Mikrotik with Winbox Exploit
How to Protect Mikrotik server from Exploit Winbox Attack
Download Tools :
Another Link :
Commands For Protect : /ip firewall filter
add action=reject chain=input comment=”SECURITY” content=user.dat reject-with=icmp-network-unreachable
add action=drop chain=input content=”user.dat”

Description :
Proof of Concept of Winbox Critical Vulnerability
Arbitrary file read

How to use
Note that…

16 Comments on Easy Way Hacking Mikrotik Server And Protect It From Anonymous

  1. Hi
    Sir I want to learn Ethical Hacking, can you help me????You can Teach me????

  2. Sir this video suit for if i share Internet through Microtik to clients So Internet Service Provider does not know the net is forword to clients
    Plz Help Me

  3. connection error :timed out

  4. hello, thanks for sharing, would you share the background song? Thank you

  5. If the ip of router mikirotik no appears..?

  6. Sip Jalan sekarang pa bos. Mantap thanks ilmunya. Saya coba proteksinya sekarang.

  7. Ga jalan … Mikrotik 6.39.2 : Connection error: timed out

  8. good morning brother
    I need you a very necessary subject regarding hacking I want to protect from hackers via mac adrese I ask you to reply

  9. thanks mas sangat membantu,,, sukses terus

  10. It says Exploit failed. NOw how can i do this?

  11. Gagal fokus sm yg kanan????

  12. I have Windows 7.
    I do not know much about the subject, but at WIndows 10 what would be the "terminal"?

  13. how to disable security RouterOS v6.44beta9
    please help to reply

  14. Hey bro, Can I have your wallpaper, please?

  15. Please i need you help me send you message good video

  16. Bro can be in the 6.42.4 version

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