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8 Comments on ELK Stack Tutorials Elasticsearch installation Windows Video 1

  1. Hi Karthik, I am not able to initiate the installation of elastic search. Whenever i run "service install" it gives an error saying that service is not recognized as a internal or external command.

  2. hi Karthik selvaraj,
    thank you for this videos but where is logstash

  3. Hi,

    I installed elasticsearch as a service but I can't run it from the command prompt (cmd). Here is the error I get: Failed starting 'elasticsearch-service-x64' service

    And if I try to start it from the services window (services.msc) I get the following error: Windows couldn't start the Elast….blablabla…. refer to service-specific error code 1

    Can you help me please? Should I use nssm, like for kibana ??

    EDIT: I fixed the problem. I had to execute the command "service manager" then go to the "Java" Tab and click on "Use Default / Apply".

  4. this plugin is used to have head for elastic search for above 2.00v
    :-plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head

  5. Hii Karthik,
    Your video is pretty understanding. However I didnt get why searching

    I got
    "cluster_name" : "elasticsearch",
    "status" : "green",

    you didnt explain it in ur video. Please help me.

  6. Hi Karthik,

    This is pretty clear. Do you have video about integrating Elastic Search with Logstash and Kibana? Now I am stuck on presenting the logs collected by logstash to Kibana via Elastic Search in windows.I got below errors.

    SSLConnectionSocketFactory not found in packages org.apache.http.client.methods, org.apache.http.client.entity, org.apache.http.client.config, org.apache.http.config, org.apache.http.conn.socket, org.apache.http.impl, org.apache.http.impl.client, org.apache.http.impl.conn, org.apache.http.impl.auth, org.apache.http.entity, org.apache.http.message, org.apache.http.params, org.apache.http.protocol, org.apache.http.auth, java.util.concurrent, org.apache.http.client.protocol, org.apache.http.conn.ssl,,,, org.apache.http.client.utils; last error: cannot load Java class org.apache.http.client.utils.SSLConnectionSocketFactory


  7. Its good start…. waiting for more things ….. share knowledge

  8. Gud it is… looking for more videos !!

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