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ePSXe 2.0.5 Emulator Setup Tutorial & Best Configuration Guide | Play PS1 Games On Your PC

How to play Playstation 1 games on your PC using ePSXe for Windows, Mac OSX, & Linux. This tutorial and guide shows you step-by-step instructions for BIOS, ISO, Emulator, and Configuration Settings. The OS is Windows 10 (will work on other versions of Windows). The game and gameplay used was of Final Fantasy VII (7).

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44 Comments on ePSXe 2.0.5 Emulator Setup Tutorial & Best Configuration Guide | Play PS1 Games On Your PC

  1. Make sure to look at the very bottom of the description for a list of common issues w/ fixes if you're having issues with something. 🙂
    Don't know how to use to get to your link? –
    Also keep in mind that all annotated links to other videos (like the 7-zip one) open in a new tab.

  2. Any time i put a control config in it just automatically changes to J1_UNK1. How do I fix this?

  3. Having a minor problem with FF7: In the transition screens from area to area the screen turns black for a second, as well as the "swirl effect" transitioning to battle mode is missing (also turns black for aprox. a sec). I have windows 10 w/ ePSXe 2.0.5, the computer is new from late 2019.

  4. why does tekken 3 have 3 bins


  6. where can i download bin or iso game files?

  7. what about directx or openGL? what if we have super old windows xp pc's with low specs? i currently have an dell optiplex 745 with intel pentium dual E2160, intel Q965/953 graphics, and 1gb ram running windows 7… i have all c++ installed and working drivers.. but for some reason when i try to play a game i get low fps even with the "fast" preset… am i missing something?

    edit: i changed to petes d3d 1.77 plugin and it works smoothely now, i will be slightly upgrading this small pc for emulators only :P… i also noticed that i can only use directdraw for graphics on any emulator, if i use direct3d or opengl i get no picture or low fps…

  8. when I play Resident Evil 2 the game says: "resi resi resi dent dent dent ev ev il il 2"
    any fixes?

  9. Still slow to play nfs high stake with my laptop high end. Can u try to play that game?

  10. when ever i try to run the rom it says "missing texture" and "pixel something" then crashes, please help thanks

  11. Once I did 3:06 (pick my bin game) and clicked "open" it all just disappeared and went to my desktop which was suddenly at 600×800 resolution.

  12. @Trogdor8freebird AMD A8-6140 APU
    AMD Radeon R5 graphics card 2.00 ghz
    6 gigs of ram (4.96 usable)
    64 bit Windows 10 x64 based processor

  13. How do you get scanlines that look right

  14. Holy, just………bah. I have Crohn's Disease and any measure of stress/overwhelmed feeling kinda kills me. I've tried to sit down and get everything setup for me to be able to play my psx games in a way that won't risk the physical copy, ya know, dying. Most every time, I've ended up just going, "………..way too much………." and walking away.
    If I'm looking at it just one step at a time, how important are the last two steps mentioned? Graphics drive and C++?

  15. my controller ingame is glitching. When i get in, it constantly goes up, like i am holding the up button.

  16. I wanted to play full screen but it only shows a black screen and the game is running only at the top right side of my screen

  17. your videos are trash. Can't follow anything you're trying to do, the link you provided isn't even the same one you're using int he video. and fuck 7zip secondly. Got a virus/malware doing this. Just a heads up to anyone else. And that was following this, or should say trying to follow this.

  18. Need some major help epsxe won't run .bin files for me it's reconfigured the screen size of my windows 10 laptop and shrunk it and it keeps crashing either it black screens and messes up all my tabbed stuff or it just closes itself out please tell me how to fix this cuase what it's don't to my screen I can't even set the video configuration on it as it's cut of half the darn window

  19. All of the options in the config tab are greyed out for me

  20. Why the fuck is the android version so much better … I even have a beast pc and this shit is still trash wtf

  21. when i click run cd iso nothing happens

  22. so trying to play chrono cross here and the game is laggy, i have the cpu overclock set to 1 but its still buggin out

  23. I'm trying to play Tekken 3 and when I load up the game I get a black screen then the emulator crashes and shuts down

  24. it says HLE Bios? whats that

  25. when i try to run it, it gives be a black screen, then closes, then boxesw my screen so it's smaller

  26. been having an issue when i load up a game in fullscreen mode its off center and its even worse with widescreen enabled

  27. I have a problem. every time I open a game it seems like the "up" button is holding tight and will not let me play, I've already checked the joystick settings and nothing changes

  28. Now how does this fare on a 4K TV?

  29. Hi! Thank you for your tutorial. The emulator is working perfectly except for one thing… On my laptop everything is fine, but when I plug the HDMI for my TV the screen really lags (only on the TV, not the actual laptop)… Any idea how to fix this? Thank you again for everything.

  30. I download the imageburner software.. now my laptop has adware and malware.. why is that?

  31. 2019 anyone?
    play Crash Team Racing for preparation or practice
    when release online on june 2019:D

  32. Appreciated mate. Just downloaded it to play old Yu Gi Oh Forbbiden Memorys. <3

  33. hi,

    i have a problem running resident evil 1and 2. i havent tested RE3 and Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX yet, but i think the same problem will occur there. all games are run as .iso files through the emulator.
    1) the game runs way to fast ( i have enabled overclocking 1x in the options menu)
    2) there is no sound in fmw sequences and in scenes where characters are speaking ( kendo gun shop scene from RE2), yet ingame sounds work ( you can here kendo loading his shotgun).

    here are my graphics settings: ( its a link from a program called lightshot, i assure there is no danger in clicking it)
    here are my sound settings: – for the sound i tried to google and that was the recommended solution. with other sound plugins then eternal the same problem with sounds occur).

    i use the scph1001 ( US) bios, it worked some years ago although i am an european user.

    my system: WIN7Ultimate ( up to date), Intel Core i5-2300@2,8GHz, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD5750 ( up to date).

    i hope you can help me. it worked in the past, but now i am unable to fiddle it out. i also remember having the "game runs too fast problem" back in the days, but not the sound problem.

    thanks in advance for your time/help

    greeting Conrad

  34. I'm here to get PTSD with LSD dream emulator

  35. do you really need a real ps1 game disc to play?

  36. It is not working. Whenever I try to run a game ePSXe.exe would crash.

  37. My game is lagging like crazy. How do I fix this?

  38. I get this error when I try to load the game… :'/

  39. Hey I really need some help I'm having issues with my epxse the last month or two but it used to work! Basically I tried to transfer the ePXSe from one user on the laptop to my own since I'm the only one that uses it and I wanted to be able to access it from my own user instead of having to go through someone else to play it. That is where it all went wrong. For whatever reason, when I transferred everything, it was like my laptop lost all the files, even though they were there its as if they never existed. My brother is pretty handy with computers and he initially installed it, and when he tried to fix it he couldnt figure out why my laptop acted like the files no longer existed, even though you could locate them if you looked hard enough. He manged to get Crash Bandicoot to work, but thats the only one out of the many games we previously had. He told me to redownload the expse files and extract the ISOs, Bios. Cheats and what not that I wanted from the file. I only play FF9 on the emulator so I've been trying to get that to work. I've downloaded separate files of just FF9 ISOs etc on their own and no luck. I download the file and go to extract it and there's nothing there to extract. So I deleted every file from epsxe and otherwise from my laptop across all users to try and remove any trace of it. Redowloaded it but again, the same issue, any file I go into from the zip file is empty. There is nothing to extract. All thats there is the "read me/erase me" files. I dont know where to go from here and how to fix this issue? All I want to do is play FF9 I wish I had known all the issues I would have caused when I decided to move the files lol. Please help me!

  40. Emulator crashes everytime i load an iso or bin file of a game. Please help

  41. But how can i fix the white screen issue?
    I'll try to changing BIOS

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