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F1 Manager EA: Compatibility with Windows 10 Tutorial

Today’s tutorial shows you how to get EA’s F1 Manager game working on Windows 10 systems. I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but fingers crossed it does work! Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll try to help if you’re struggling.

1: Install the game by using the setup application. Do not autorun or do anything else before installation.
2: After installation, follow this link:
3: Download the .exe file

21 Comments on F1 Manager EA: Compatibility with Windows 10 Tutorial

  1. wont let me download the files …

  2. I know this video is old but if you see this you’re a legend i spent hours trying to get this to work

  3. Do you have PlayUV and TAudio dll?

  4. Did everything with compatibility and run as admin, but i cannot run the game. any help?

  5. says "Could not find game PC.Please place CD in drive."What should I do?

  6. hey there, is it possible that you could do a guide for how to make grand prix world work on windows ten? i've tried everything humanly possible, from making virtual machine to trying to change the game setting in order to work. but its doesnt just go beyond the intro.

  7. there is no .exe file to download on link

  8. It works but it’s so very slow! Anyway to speed up the gameplay?

  9. It now says insert game disk when I try and start the game up, wasn't doing it the last few days! any ideas?

  10. Excellent. Tried for years to get this back! Out of all the stuff I've read on the net you're the only one who has done it for me so far! Cheers

  11. hi. can u help me find the d3drm.dll file.

  12. I downloaded the game and i got a vírus

  13. i having a problem, the game crashs everytime i try to renew my engine, eletronics or brakes contracts, anyone knows how to make it stop?

  14. I love britsh accent… is so funny

  15. Is there a way to have the game without the CD or ISO file?

  16. Is the same if i have windows 7 premium

  17. Yes Toby Legend! This has helped me so much 🙂 weekend sorted

  18. Great tutorial! I've never enjoyed PC games because my past laptops never handles them well so I don't download them. ????

  19. Hi toby you are back on youtube

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