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First Things to Do With a New Windows 10 Laptop | Kill Bloatware, Lock it Down, Make it Epic

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Remove windows apps: Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage

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50 Comments on First Things to Do With a New Windows 10 Laptop | Kill Bloatware, Lock it Down, Make it Epic

  1. Suggestion: Use Winaero Tweaker and Process Hacker. They're great for tweaking windows and managing tasks.

  2. I calibrate the screen first thing 🙂

  3. WARNING: DO NOT use command Remove windows apps: Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage UNLESS you want to REMOVE ALL windows apps NOT be able to re-install them. The only way to fix what this command does is with a clean windows installation.

  4. This looks to be a great tutorial, but I'm lost in the beginning ,
    I thought you were saying 'do not connect to the internet' , then you
    went right into talking about all these 'uninstall programs available on the
    internet' right, so I could use a little clarification please.

  5. I feel sooo dumb i always just let the stay as they are

  6. I recently purchased MSI GL63 8RC and it's preinstalled with various msi application that i feel are more of a bloatwares than utility app.
    Please if you could list out the useful ones that would be helpful.

  7. I've got an acer predator 21x for my 15 birthday (for graphic and motion design) and it was just the perfection, my editing programs just runned like on butter, now, after the forced update (i think it's windows 1803) its slow, its slow as heck, even minecraft can't keep up with simple shaders. im devastated, and I can't even uninstall that stupid update ????

  8. Precise clean and Up to the point as Always

  9. First thing to do with a new Windows 10 laptop: format it, install dual boot with Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu).

  10. First step: insert a Manjaro linux bootable usb.
    Step two:erase windows 10 and enjoy manjaro.

    Honestly i did this in newest laptop, cuz i hate Cortana and most of the features that W10 has, and luckily, all the programs i use for work or school, are avaliable in Linux, so i don't have any problems with compatibility.

  11. I just did a clean install of Windows 10. Then installed what I wanted. I uninstalled one drive after.

  12. Why my battery never charge to 100% when i plug in to ac outlet ? And another thing is , when i go with the cursor in the bottom task it will show me 91% available ( plugged in , not charging) when my laptop is plugged in to the ac outlet ?
    My MSI Laptop is new GL 62m 7RDX.

  13. You made me laugh haha. Thanks

  14. It is sad that you have to do that to make a windows pc usable. SAD.

  15. Did you have a stroke halfway through this video?

  16. 1. Download Fortnite

  17. For powershell it ask for package. What to mention there?

  18. I thought you're background said the kek

  19. Could you do a video like this but for windows 10 pc's in general?

  20. This is so cool! Is there an updated video for this or does this still work for a laptop I just got? Thanks for all this great info!

  21. How much is this laptop?

  22. Totally useless video doenst explain for people what impact the programs your recommended will have on their system or how to utilise their tools to help performance

  23. Hi, i have a question, i have the MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO-208 17.3" Gaming Notebook Computer which i bought 3 years ago, still a great computer, i am coming to the U.S in a month time (WV) and i was wondering can can be up graded? Is it possible more memory? i already have 32G and graphic card 8G if not mistaken, i appreciate the tips

  24. First thing, delete Windows and install Linux or Unix.

  25. quick and easy stuff.

  26. If I did a fresh install of Windows would I need to use Revo? I know I wouldn't need to use Decrapifier, but would I need revo to remove keys or whatever? Kind of a stupid question I know, I'm new to this PC stuff

  27. i dont trust any of the programs you used whats wrong with using control panel to uninstall everything

  28. This is absolutely brilliant. Cheers

  29. i always see videos like this what to do with a new laptop but he clearly had like 4 desktops in the background i dont get it

  30. wow, thank you!! I'm just about to get a new laptop and I'm going to do all this.

  31. First thing to do… go to, or

    Make a bootable usb, restart the laptop, install from USB

    Thats the first thing to do on a windows laptop

  32. I just use CCleaner, works well

  33. good methodology on customizing one of the newer compatible (looks like you've been under the hood of one or two of these before,) it's a shame microsoft now tries their very best to make this bundled operating system trivialize some very expensive machinery. joining the workforce again after a spell, haven't had a pc for seven years. the last internet machine at work was a vista, which took pc a foul direction from xp. this ten thing where the thing won't work until you create an outlook and sign in as a Microsoft client (mine has been a hotmail since forever,) but it's nazi overlord time trying to control everyone. no wonder SO many people in these comments about "update hell" say to run linux instead. i work at a store where new software installed runs in an emulation over XP out of fear. they don't want the pos system to go down 'cause bill gates and company devised a way to turn computers into giant droid fones that thirst for aps and icons to dance around. what a world. i'm fearful of turning my windows ten laptop on. i gotta watch what your doing here more, when i have the time. thnx.

  34. opera has a free built in vpn… at least for Mac

  35. Maby you can help to fix camera ? not working when trying to call for some one :/

  36. What the hell are you talking about? the first thing you do is to put stupid stickers allover your new LT, or is that an apple thing?

  37. Interesting ! One very small constructive criticism. I'm assuming that this YouTube video is directed at relative newbies and not toward IT experts or power user nerds. If your prospective audience is composed of users who are not already familiar with how to perform your most helpful suggestions and techniques they (me) might benefit if you eased off warp speed a bit… maybe 2/3 impulse speed would suffice even if it required splitting your VERY useful suggestions into two videos.

  38. You're a legend

  39. Step 1: throw it out the window

    No pun intended

  40. By removing the windows apps with Get-APPxPACKAGE-allusers…. i no more have a search menu for my system. Is there a way to go back? Can i erase the damage done and get my windows 10 search bar back?

  41. You know this stuff like you work for microsoft.

  42. Thank you I just maked my alienware 17 r4 better 🙂

  43. Personally I am using a desktop I just built with windows 10 and the "Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage" helped me a lot that huge list of things was very annoying

  44. slowwww down….

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