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Fortnite 1v1 Tips To Playing Aggressive! | How To Win Pro Tips and Guide

Welcome back to a Fortnite 1v1 Tips To Playing Aggressive! Designed to teach you How To Win using Pro Tips and tricks to improve!

In this video i walkthrough an entire gunfight situation and breakdown each engagement to bring you closer to the mindset of an aggressive player , The most valuable thing to learn is commitment in your 1v1 Fights!

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46 Comments on Fortnite 1v1 Tips To Playing Aggressive! | How To Win Pro Tips and Guide

  1. Thank you for these tips!!! Pin if you appreciate our support


  3. Right after watching these tips the second I got in a game I got 12 kills a solo W

  4. I'm at 4:49. I just find it interesting on how these players didn't really bring much opposition. I don't think they built at all after being shot…

    The tips are still tips and good lookin out on that trap.

  5. Turn off colder blind mode (but if you are cooler bling deep it on and I am sorry) (trees are black)

  6. Love how when you play you get a bunch of people not very good, everyone i come upon its a build battle till the death

  7. anyone else brush their teeth seeing how white his are?

  8. I play a mix of passive and aggressive Mostly aggressive though.

  9. Thanks I subbed ????

  10. Let's grow together!
    2)Like this cmt
    3)reply "Done"

  11. Thank you so much your the best you helped me get a win

  12. Time to wear The Reaper

  13. I've been playing this game since season 1 constantly and I have always been SHIT!!! Please someone tell me how I can be good at this 1 fucking game and my life will be happier

  14. Love houses with cracks tho ez to kill people who hide there


    say that you just killed someone and your inventory is full. pull out are harvesting tool, and spam your collect button. that way, you'll only grab all the ammo, mats, and traps without switching guns in you hotbar.

  16. I like how everyone killed in this video is a total noob

  17. why doesn't he loot tho

  18. sound and video delay at the end

  19. Your voice is fucking terrible god damn shut up

  20. 2:57 Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that "SHORT RANGE WEAPON = SHOTGUN"

  21. These tips are useful but the only thing no one can give tips on is getting killed by a sniper you didn't see or mabye getting sniped at the end of the game by a default skin with the free season 3 backpack

  22. Offence is the best defence!!! ????

  23. I want your monster D In my face

    No homo

  24. Started using this play style And the result was…

    A lot more kills And 3 kills just in the landing!

  25. Question. I try to play aggressively, I build ramps, and everything like that, but I still fail most of the time. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or overthinking it. Any suggestions or advice??

  26. Is this live gameplay or just a clip you had laying there ? :p you said both

  27. 5:53 asap= as fasdt as possible (obvoius epoxsers) 😀

  28. This makes me feel like I’ll win my next round. Then I am the first death.

  29. These players were fucking tragical, atleast ur playing on pc…

  30. My problem is everytime i land people het the gun first and kill me or i only get smgs in a house and get rekt by shotguns

  31. How did u get so much fps

  32. His face cam is off sync

  33. Its better calles rush to die

  34. What are your settings because I think my settings are effecting the way I play but I don’t know what to set them at cause I need like to have settings good for building and sniping/ aggression and quick pace ( if that makes sense )

  35. Thanks for this video! I really needed it!

  36. Your voice is similar to XXXTentacion video (when he talks)

  37. You have earned a sub! Nice vids..keep up the good work

  38. Your videos never disappoint!

  39. Don’t you just love the Marvel intro? Oh wait, this isn’t Marvel. This is stolen.

  40. Didn't really cover console. But none the less great video

  41. good video ddue but these guys you are fighting are kinda trash, not the best for examples

  42. How do u defeat 2 ppl u see running together I built when I got shot by one then they were shooting at me and I got some shots on both of them but they killed me watched them to the end and they were def playing together one of the guys let the other guy kill him to get the win

  43. do a video on how to seige up a mountain

  44. He is probably playing on Brasilian server

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