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FSX in windows 10 | Tutorial | Majestic Dash 8 | East Midlands to Schiphol | Part 1: Pre-flight

The first part of my lastest episode for the Flybe VA series flying from East Midlands ( EGNX ) to Amsterdam Schiphol ( EHAM ). This episode has been designed to be a tutorial for those flying the Majestic Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for Flybe Virtual (although obviously anyone can use it), whilst also being a full flight video. In the first part I talk you though the standing operating procedures for pre-flight, including how to use the fuel/weight manager and the speed tables. If you enjoyed…

8 Comments on FSX in windows 10 | Tutorial | Majestic Dash 8 | East Midlands to Schiphol | Part 1: Pre-flight

  1. could you link me to this please I find that interesting, our sop we turn them off after a inspection

  2. @Rupert Smith I've found it works really nicely, I haven't noticed a significant performance improvement but it is just as stable and I'm perfectly happy with how it runs, so I'd recommend you go ahead.

  3. Hi, great video. I'd like to ask how fsx runs on windows 10 with addons in comparison to windows 7/8. I'm not sure whether to upgrade, thanks in advance for any replies.
    Rupert Smith

  4. you said about wing inspection light being on during night ops, just to clarify its only switched on during flight just to quickly check for ice, then turned off afterwards, engine intakes go on during the preflight inspection flow, in real world

  5. Great video mate! I'm glad you're flying from EMA, hopefully you'll do some more flights from here in the future. :)

  6. Hi, great video! Please fly the Majestic Q400 from Stornoway to Edinburgh! Don't think it's a real flight but great scenery by Sim720 :)

  7. Hello nice work. Just to explain (I wrote the procedures you're using here), the Engine Intake Doors should be in the open position, which I believe, you're quite right, is amber, not green. I'll correct the procedures accordingly.

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