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Galaxy GRAND PRIME full REVIEW, Tips & Tricks by Gadgets Portal

NEW! Moto G 3rd Gen
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a powerful lower mid-range phone from the company with new Cortex-A53 processor and nice 5MP front camera with full HD recording.

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19 Comments on Galaxy GRAND PRIME full REVIEW, Tips & Tricks by Gadgets Portal

  1. 5.000 palang pera ko eh

  2. yes it do have a led notification I have this phone andre

  3. I have the one in black and it looks way better than the white one and I do recommend this phone it is awesome

  4. Hi
    Sir i need your help
    I have samsung galaxy grand prime but after update my grand prime youtube is not playing videos and says connection to server lost, touch to retry
    I uninstall the youtube app and install it again then update it as well but nothing happened. 🙁
    Then i update another grand prime and i facing same problem on the other grand prime…

    Update method was: setting》about device》software update… and the update was not andriod update

    Plzzzzz help

  5. My galaxy grand prime camera is not function 

  6. How do You change Your Background On Messages

  7. I have this phone its solid

  8. This or Grand 2?

  9. Phone will receive the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop?

  10. Can someone tell me why it does not support external keyboard? The normal keyboard working with desktops or even the bluetooth keyboard with a doodle is not being supported. Nowadays, external keyboards are working with almost any mobile. Can anyone help here.

  11. I have a small problem to ask from you Mr. Sukesh (Gadgets Portal)

    Can the backlight be lit up in the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime??
    I bought my device 2 weeks before, but I found the backlight cannot be lit up.

  12. I got my Galaxy Dr and Prime for 202 after taxes. I personally enjoy using my phone. If I don't use spottify all day my battery goes for about a day and a half before I need to charge it (4-7%).

  13. Will this be a competetor to galaxy s3 neo and galaxy s4 mini now

  14. My grand prime heats up too fast. I play Injustice gods among us and not long enough it heats up and lags. Any suggestions? i also noticed while not running any active app ram used is above 50%.

  15. in my grand prime dont have a option of CPU-Z


  17. can we use Flashlight as Torchlight ?

  18. Nevermind I found out

  19. Whats your live wallpaper called

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