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Getting Started with Windows 10

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7 Comments on Getting Started with Windows 10

  1. Just beginning your video and it seems very clear and not too fast like many others. My problem is I'm used to using a Mac and not using a mouse, and when I tried to open one of the tiles on the main desktop screen, the Calendar, it immediately turned blank/black tried with another and same thing. I read to use the tab to jump from the side to the tiles and then arrow up and down but how can I do a Click. I used my right click button on the HP, then the left and nothing helps. Thanks for any help 🙂

  2. Where my CIS classmates at?

  3. Start button doesn't work!!

  4. Thanks for being concise and not overwhelming with information.

  5. Great straight forward intro to Windows 10. This has helped a great deal.

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