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GoPro: Introducing Quik™ | Desktop

The Quik Desktop App is the easiest way to get your footage off your camera, so you can check out your shots, make awesome videos, and share those moments with your friends.

As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.

42 Comments on GoPro: Introducing Quik™ | Desktop

  1. Why does quik gets stuck in edit mode

  2. quik desktop is piece of crap. making it very inconvenient and limiting any options

  3. GoPro quick is garbage. Bring back GoPro studio app!!

  4. Utter bag of shit, wouldn't waste your time installing it on a PC

  5. I'm a boy, can I use GoPro too?

  6. Funktioniert nicht der Schrott

  7. It's crap for desktop and Android (yet)

  8. worst video editing software ever

  9. Use DaVinci Resolve, so much better


  11. quik is fucked—you cant edit anything you cant change color tones etc—its a 100% uninstall—you buy a over priced gopro and then they dont even supply propper software like they used to with studio—GOPRO IS DOOMED—my next camera will not be a gopro

  12. Quik is possibly the worst software I've ever tried to use. Totally unintuitive and unable to achieve even the most basic of results. Neither the mobile nor pc version is of any use to me. Makes me wonder if it's been designed to be useless!!

  13. I actually tried to use quik. Really. But it doesn't make any sense. I like the idea of highlighting sections of the video for then editing but the app can't handle your choices and makes a mess. You can't actually select the sections you want to use. GoProStudio was much better and already simple enough. Now back to Premiere after spending a whole evening trying to make quik work. Bad move GoPro

  14. Can you use this to edit IPhone footage

  15. Aplicativo para desktop ficou muito ruim. sem a menor possibilidade de editar. Decepcionado com a Go Pro. Go pro Studio era muito melhor

  16. Crashes all the time saying it cannot find music file…

  17. Easy? None of my 4k video will upload to Quik or any other application. What is the issue here guys!!

  18. Please bring back the #goprostudio !!!!!!

  19. Quik crashes all the time… cant even turn in awesome videos…

  20. What a disaster…..!
    Have now downloaded this Quik on my laptop and every time I go to create it freezes my laptop. GoPro….WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
    Like so many others I will be offloading all my GoPro equipment and going elsewhere very soon. Come on GoPro how about picking your game up.

  21. Wtf quick do not work in my pc ????

  22. what if i want to download my file i cant beleive i have to loook left and right for this information it should be so accesible

  23. In my eyes this software is absolutely useless. i can create clips, ok. in this clips i can set highlights, but can i fix all clips together? i don´t need highlights. i just wanna put things together. the option with 15, 30 and 60 seconds are annoying. my clips are shorter or longer than this ammount of time. it is really frustrating to work with this app.

  24. fucking imovie does a better job then this shit

  25. How to do make slow movies in Quik desktop?

  26. what a pyz of Es 8 ai tea

  27. how do i change my language on gopro Quik bc it s on german i i dont know sh!t

  28. rip gopro studio

  29. I see that I am not the only one who is having trouble with Quick. I strongly dislike the MUSIC and want to get rid of entirely but cant seem to find out how to do that. Does anyone know?

  30. how to download the quik application for pc window 7 ?


  31. Quik suxs. Please bring back gopro studio

  32. The editing is crap, but if I press delete all will that delete everything from my sd card???

  33. come on we need it for win 7 too please!

  34. Is the application with the cloud storage free? I think it should if your spending $500+ on their camera

  35. SO this is the reason GoPro went broke and now the company is being sold. What a sad story. A great camera building company tries "wanna be" a software comany and throws down the drain 10 years of hard work.

  36. DAMN GOPRO, You really dropped the ball didn't you. This is a terrible video, and your application is… wow no words.

  37. Iam pretty ready for selling this camera every time I go out on the bike it records two videos and dumps the rest , but if it is quick that is the weak link I will persivere

  38. This software is bullshit. I'm simply trying to connect the first 11:49 recording ( part 1 of my ride to work) to the 2nd clip of the recording ( part 2 of my ride to work that is 11:50) to make ONE simple video clip of about 23.whatever minutes. #@$%k this I'm going back to Lightworks. At least with THAT software, I was able to google " how to merge video clips in Lightworks" and ACTUALLy find help fast on youtube. Nice fail Gopro on " fixing something THAT WASN'T broken. . gopro studio..that is BEFORE your stupid updates a while back that now cause it to crash like a liver poisoning drunk." -_-

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