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Greatest PSP Hacks & Mods | PS1 Games | SNES | CTF | 720p HD – Robles Junior

Whats up guys Robles Junior here bringing you the Greatest PSP Hacks & Mods that I have.

I hope you enjoy this one!

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20 Comments on Greatest PSP Hacks & Mods | PS1 Games | SNES | CTF | 720p HD – Robles Junior

  1. its still the best cost and portable emulation

  2. 3 things that i hated about the psp

    1. the disks somewhat
    2 memory card
    3 thumbstick

  3. How does he even maintained his cxmb working? I tried but it only worked after 2-3 days. I tried reinstalling it but it didn't got fixed..

  4. I can't believe people still use psp, i thought I was alone.

  5. Nice vid even nicer PSP's. What's the XMB you have for your clear PSP? 

  6. So want one of those clear shells for my psp 3000. The CTF stuff is cool too, would try it but to afraid of getting Perma banned by sony.

  7. Can you put the Windows theme link on description? 

  8. I like that psp theme when the video first started, where can I download it from.

  9. don't have many GBA games on there, that's a shame. Can you use any microsd when you jailbreak the psp?

  10. this song….i luv it, whats it called?

  11. Gotta admit though, PSP was dank for it's emulation capabilities.

  12. are you running 5.50 gen ?? old school huh lol

  13. How you did the start up thing to windows or the 2 one

  14. This is very easy. Such amature work. Nice try but mine is way better.

  15. Second song name ?


  16. Does this work with the new update?

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