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GTX 1060 SLI Hack…Faster than a GTX 1080? | OzTalksHW

You guys asked, so I’ll deliver.

With proper scaling, two GTX 1060 6 GBs should outperform a single GTX 1080. More often than not, Crossfire and SLI follow a general rule of thumb: AMD and Nvidia’s “flagship” mid-range card usually rivals or defeats their “flagship” flagship counterpart. We’ve seen this with the Tesla, Fermi, & Kepler architecture from Nvidia and Terascale through GCN from AMD. But as video cards become faster, and the bridge between mid-range and high end cards…

35 Comments on GTX 1060 SLI Hack…Faster than a GTX 1080? | OzTalksHW

  1. Hmmm interesting……… wish I could do this, I want more performance damn it XD

  2. Do it Please or i Unsub hahaha guy in this comment 😀

  3. Thanks to oz, I was able to SLI my 6gb 1060s. Not just a cheap party trick, my entire library runs better than a 1080ti now, with very few exceptions. Hell yes

  4. Excellent beak-down, dude!

  5. wait so $300 dollars can get you about $600-$700 worth of gpu

  6. Overwatch doesn’t support sli moron

  7. I have a zotac 1060 3gb and a MSI 1050 ti 4gb. I want to use them together for gaming, it seems an impossible thing… your opinion?

  8. If I don't want to use is for gaming but only for editing, do you suggest this solution or not?

  9. Can I run modern games on 4K with i3 8100? Please reply?

  10. He's killing it with 4k video with only 180k subscribers.

  11. Unfortunately sli or nvlink Crossfire are worthless in gaming because few games support it dont bother buying two GPU buy a powerful one instead

  12. is that an Lg V20 that you are using?

  13. 2x 1060 is little more powerful than a 1080ti if you add double the fps in games to compare to the 1080ti.

  14. 2070 + 1060 4030 there booooom!

  15. This is able to do in all the graphics card that suports dirext 12? Can it be able with gtx 1050 ti?

  16. im using gtx 1060 6gb sli, if game properly support sli, it can scaling like 100% more performance ..Prey 4k High Setting 25fps, when sli activate boost to 50fps

  17. Why would you want to SLI two mid-range GPUs? Go with a single higher end GPU…

  18. Just buy a GTX 1070 PCB, grab your GTX1060 chip, glue them together, twice….
    then you build your own custom BIOS….
    You are ready to go!

  19. Now, RTX 2070 sli

  20. Destiny 2 runs great in SLI. Would be a good game to run test to see SLI performance.

  21. Not worth it. I had multiple SLI setups, but its beter to get one good card instead. It just looks cool, nothing more.

  22. 1060 + 1060 = 1060
    That's what i learned from this video

  23. sli is a joke. just use 1 card.

  24. Can you sli different cards too with the hack? 1060 + 1050 ti?

  25. Wait, so should I get another gtx 1060 6gb?

  26. Did you defeat the driver subscription? To play pubg and games protected by anti-cheat?

  27. how do you sli them if it does not have sli slot, my main purpose of watching this video was to learn that and you didnt mention it

  28. sorry.. mind i ask you.. how you SLI your gtx 1060 ? without a bridge ? is it use mod ? or somethin ?

  29. the 3gb also has less cuda cores
    1152 vs 1280

  30. Oooh u did do 10603gb my math shows only those or 1050ti

  31. Looking for msi 3gb black sli info

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