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20 Comments on GUY BREAKS CAR WINDOW WITH FINGER INSANE (fire fighter trick)

  1. Kids in Detroit could have eaten that window 

  2. Guys Mythbusters is a totally credible source to claim something is fake. JK. Amazed they didn't add another pointless explosion.

  3. You can use the little stone in a sparkplug if a car look it up on youtube

  4. Uhhh….Naanniiii….Sugueee

  5. its sooooooooooo fake

  6. 0:28 they discovered fire.

  7. It was on Mythbusters, its totally fake

  8. ……and that's how you break into a car, kids

  9. Fake fake fake, apart from all hands on dick that is the truth

  10. Amazing and scary!

  11. Look at 1:24 the instructor shows he has a glass breaker(yellow) on his glove. The same instructor's hand was present on the top left of the window during the demonstration. 

  12. Everyone heard him he said all hands on dick

  13. To tell u the truth this is fake because the guy who is breaking the glass clearly has something in his glove that is why he has a glove on. And this is myth because it is impossible to break glass like that without something in his glove. So, this is fake. My name is Joseph and I approve this message

  14. He taped a spark plug to his finger and broke the window that way. I saw a video where some guy broke a window just by tossing a spark plug at it and the window just completely shatters.

  15. Don't try this at home lol

  16. 0:20 "that's it… Harder.. Faster….."

  17. You can see it in his hand!

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