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16 Comments on Hack HIDDEN City Mystery of Shadows hack rubis

  1. solo tengo un rubi puedo hacerlo como viene en el video

  2. can you do hidden city hidden adventures please?

  3. I really don't understand much of what's going on in this video. It seems you have to download a cheat engine but then what are all the numbers being input into the boxes etc? Instead of backing the video with music, you should be talking through what you are doing!!!

  4. Excelente. Funcionou perfeito, jogo horas sem problema. Qualquer item , rubi, chaves, tudo que é numerado tem jeito. Muito bom e fácil, obrigado.

  5. I have gone through several surveys but as yet have not received any rubies. How the heck to I get the cheat engine.

  6. estos es pura basura una y otra vez todas las paginas te mandan a encuestas y despues no te dan nada

  7. i am playing this in windows 10 pc and stuck with station, city hall and the room of fate; all other buildings/ says "content is in download queue", can you help me with this issue?

  8. when i scan it has 60 or more adresses which one is it ..please help

  9. does it still work..

  10. Never worked. Even completed numerous surveys. Really could of used it too.

  11. I always come back until then that he wants to sell me a subscription or a cost-pay phone game to see if I am a human …… how do I get there or is it all just fake?

  12. Hey does playing on PC sync my level progress on my Android phone?

  13. Thanks, works fine !

  14. Holy shit!! And i keep buying rubies! I need to learn how to do this. Thanks for sharing.

  15. come riconosci le varie voci (rubini, energia ecc…)?

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