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Hack Windows 7 Admin Password without Software

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19 Comments on Hack Windows 7 Admin Password without Software

  1. Fantastic!!! Whahahaha

  2. Hi Vijay.@ 2:33,after waiting 10 min I get the screen that is in the background ie View doagnostic & repair detailsView advanced options……How do i jump from that to the one you have in the foreground?

  3. Else name change ni ho raha hai

  4. Bhai phir usi tarah kaise karebge

  5. Thanks Vijay top man!! Worked like a charm

  6. hello,
    can you tell me how to reset password in windows 10?? plzz reply

  7. Hey,The password won't reset right?

  8. Hi does this still work? Please reply back.

  9. I followed the steps and received the black screen of death. HP 630 all HP users to bypass the HP help you would select hardware troubleshooter, then click command prompt. You would then minimize command prompt and continue the copy / paste / rename process.

  10. man i like your english.your good for fixing password fix your mouth

  11. ok first of all ive tried this before after that my pc was jacked up like shit .let this be a future reference for anyone who want their computer to restart

  12. Hey please what doese 'system 5 feil' mean pease answer

  13. it seems to be working, so many good, but is there a chance that all your setting will reset back to default, cause i don't want that to happen.

  14. will this erase the data?

  15. thanx bro for such agreat idea

  16. Help! when i type in this,

    net user [double space] Elvis's Home [space] *


    net user Elvis's Home *

    It says:

    The syntax of this command is:

    [username [password : * ] [options]] [/domain]

  17. thank you soooo much you really helped me

  18. Wtf did yu say at the end yu said shift ..?

  19. When I get to cmd command it says file not found PLZ some help 

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