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Hack Your Broadband Internet Router for SPEED with secret settings fix.

Hack Your Broadband Internet Router for SPEED with secret settings fix.

GPEDIT tool:

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22 Comments on Hack Your Broadband Internet Router for SPEED with secret settings fix.

  1. You not even know what’s going on lmao

  2. 5 min worth of content summed up in 15 minutes

  3. That potato quality tho

  4. This has nothing to do with hacking the router. All you are doing is altering the dns on the PC.

  5. Lmao why did u record ur intro instead of editing it in.

  6. At step three where you say to write down the numbers… what if there’s no numbers there?

  7. Do you know the difference between the router settings and the settings for the operating system? The title of the video says you hack the router, although it's obvious you know absolutely NOTHING about computers, networks, or the hardware used so that they can communicate. Regardless of the command your use, what you are doing is making changes to group policy settings for your operating system… Suggestion – do more reading about the basics of computer hardware and software before pretending to be a professional that reads from a "how to" wiki.

  8. How do I hack my modem and router? I did all you said and it did not work.

  9. This video is stupid. Your making false accusations towards an ISP. Changing the routers channel is not a hack and changing these settings on a windows computer doesnt have anything to do with the ISP. The ISP cannot control default settings in windows registry files. This isnt an ISP problem, if it was then you would be accessing your modem to change settings around.

  10. I get 110 mbps before

  11. Mine has some password and login in no one knows. I also didn't have the first button open up. Any way to hack windows 7?

  12. The last speed in my country 1 mb and its 100$ per month

  13. You have 24 mb
    I don't have even 1 mb ????????????

  14. dont try it, it wont do any noticeable difference.

  15. 40 Mbps from spectrum when I am paying for 100 Mbps

  16. gpedit.msc Does not xist on my computer

  17. Thank You 🙂 those 2 steps jumped my speed up form 15mbps to 26mbps

  18. my inetrnet providers are cheating on me , they give me 140 kbps instead of 3 mbps

  19. this has nothing to do with the modem or router what so ever man..

  20. thats not hacking

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