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Hackerman demonstrates how to hack common household objects back or forward in time

Tune in to to find out more!

DIRECTOR & EDITOR – Jonas Ernhill
WRITER – Leopold Nilsson
PRODUCERS – Jonas Ernhill & Leopold Nilsson
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – David Sandberg & Linus Andersson
HACKERMAN – Leopold Nilsson
COORDINATOR – Jonathan Gustavii
DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Jonas Ernhill, Martin Gärdemalm & Mattias Andersson

23 Comments on HACKERMAN'S HACKING TUTORIALS – How To Hack Time

  1. Isn't it obvious that this is the most comprehensible tutorial than any other computer-related tutorials on Youtube…

  2. I need that hardcore hacking glove

  3. humorku sudah tidak receh lagi ????????????

  4. yAh, I iNsErt mY eXtErnAl dRiVe, LaDiEzz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Why the fuck is this in my recommendation

  6. world facts: your never really in the present because your always going into the future. your going into the future every second

  7. I was watching it seriously untill he put the gloves….????

  8. nice vocal mix and master 🙂

  9. the same people who hack in minecraft

  10. Recommendation after 4 year

  11. But can it run Crysis?

  12. Actually manages to send the floppy disk to the future.
    A millennial picks it up "What is that? Looks lame and old"
    Tosses it in a trash can.

  13. How can i add time on my CS Account?

  14. "please insert external drive"
    "yeah… ill insert my external drive… ladies.

  15. 2.18 for best part

  16. I need this background relaxing music name, anyone?

  17. Culd someone please tell me the name of song playing as he talks

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