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Hacking a thin client computer to make a $7 Google Chromeputer or Chrome browser Advertiser SSD PC

I have made a Chrome browser computer out of a useless thin client that was going to be tossed. Total cost is $5 for a 1gig SSD DOM and $2 for shipping. Rest of the parts i got free. namely, thin client pc, monitor keyboard and mouse. Computer runs Windows XP and chrome browser. Great for advertising displays!

9 Comments on Hacking a thin client computer to make a $7 Google Chromeputer or Chrome browser Advertiser SSD PC

  1. I have a ThinClient using CF cards.
    And also many usb ports:
    I can use a usb drive as system disk (windows 7-10 via wintousb).

  2. I just got me a Dell FX130 but instead of 'reducing my total cost of ownership" it's getting Puppy Linux Arcade installed as it looks like a games console as soon as my DVI to HDMI cable turns up!

  3. Love the video. I just acquired 3 of these BOSaNOVA thin clients for free. Each with a 4GB card & 256MB of ram. They run great but they have Linux on them and I have a legit cd of windows XP and several good keys. I just can't figure out how to install windows in them. Would you happen to know where I might be able to find out how? Thanks in advance for your time!

  4. Nice video! I'm planning to buy a used HP T5000 thin client(it shares the same design language with your Compaq from a few videos after this one) from ebay and hack it, but instead of buying another disk on module, I may get a 44pin IDE cable and just use a 12gb laptop hard drive and custom mount it. I may or may not upgrade the RAM if I see that it uses DDR2, but it's included 256mb should be enough.

  5. i know but the cost is so low!

  6. its just a windows xp computer with a download browser of google chrome, its not officially a chrome os

  7. What's the cpu speed?
    I think i got the same machine, mine is an VIA Eden (600mhz), i put 1 1GB module of ram but it only read 512 so the linux ran pretty well except the web experience was not so awesome, but all other networking things went pretty cool.

    I think ill try the xp, as soon as i get a larger SSD (currently i got 1Gb CF card inside)

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