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Hacking Android Phone. Creating a virus (app) to gain full access to an android device

Creating an undetectable android virus app to gain full access to the device. Will also give it a custom icon. I have chosen the avast virus scanner icon.

27 Comments on Hacking Android Phone. Creating a virus (app) to gain full access to an android device

  1. how can we get those codes

  2. i don't understand those virus the phone these virus app stealth all data just clicking the app is it or not & if these app install automatically by clicking it?… these show some app are installing on the phone???,,how its passible ??


  4. Is it legal to hack my own device

  5. sir plz give me kali linx iso file

  6. sir when i do this it doesnt show like this

  7. Pls make a link to download this apk 🙂

  8. since there is a number (loop number) using whatsapp and insulting my wife , all I could do is to figure out his ip, (he or she is on cable not dsl)

  9. hello, great tutorial but I wonder how to attack another ip outside my network ( another town)

  10. i need only 1help is it necessary that i have installed linux on my pc to make app like this

  11. Sir while doing this Atack is it necessary to change my ip address and mac address

    plz can u send me a mail?

  13. Sir if I uninstall the app then my control on that device is gone or it will stay there?

  14. is possible to make virus apk file for hacking android forever i mean just make one virus apk app and control forever of victim phone sir is it possible ???? or it is necessary for victim to install at the same time when i create a virus app started the listener for victim if victim respond after one day or one week it will work or not that is my question

  15. Sir, i want to install kali linux in my dell vostro 15 3000 series but i install three time dual boot and singal both but after installing kali linux in my laptop only booting not open i tried many time but vain you have idea.

  16. trojan for phones i guess????????

  17. this video helpfull for me…thnk u bro…

  18. how can i control the android phone by making a virus and sending it through picture

  19. which vm and os is it, you need to mention that for people like me !!

  20. can you give me a file please for education purpose

  21. can you give me a link of a pre made virus? for testing purposes 🙂

  22. the apk I made for the video would only work on my network as I only used my local IP address for the demo. To work outside my LAN it needs a public IP address guys. ????.

  23. can you also record how to install kali linux on vmware because I tried and it's not fully working.. I cant open apps etc. please.. 🙁

  24. and me I subbed from 2 accounts and liked

  25. give me a copy of the app
    subbed you

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