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13 Comments on Hacking IIS Websites Minute Easy

  1. Dude – You control this site. You mapped a drive, and then uploaded files… I'm happy you are teaching people that this is hacking, hopefully they are just as dumb as you. At least then we know our infrastructure is safe from idiots like you. KONY 2012 – Vote for Hilary!

  2. Updated title: How to Map a network drive to your local IIS

  3. n00b, you were looking at "hacking facebook in less than 5 minutes" 🙂

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  6. what's vulnetability called ? 🙂

  7. interesting guide on how to use your first web exploit

  8. how to find my FTP user and Pass?

  9. hi,
    when i do this it will ask me for username password!!

  10. lolz, fake videos , post vidoes using exploits not like that which allow annonymous access for reading and writting directory

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