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Hacking MikroTik RouterOS v 6.30 (Winbox Exploit 2018)

This video just for testing purpose, do with your own risk.
The vulnerability in mikrotik routerOS allow attacker to gain all username and unencrypted password. This video created by using MikroTik RouterOS version number 6.30 as target.

The exploit are not created by me, just do some searching on Google by using “Winbox Exploit” keyword.

Go update your router OS version to the latest version and also don’t forget to increase your router security by limit the access to your router.

16 Comments on Hacking MikroTik RouterOS v 6.30 (Winbox Exploit 2018)

  1. how can i use it for free i know user and password

  2. where ? can you share pls ?

  3. Thank you, hacked 30+ routers, Thank you, I was using free internet from last 4 years, I was always searched for open microtik router, since last few days My net connection was not working and Each and every router password was changed even IP, thank you this video help me to find passwords ..
    Note to find Routers-
    Install angryip scanner
    Search ip from in this range with port filter of (80,8080,8291)
    8291 is winbox port

    I am using android termux app to run that python file, as I feel so lazy to switch to linux so termux was easy for me to run that.

    Once again thank you for that
    User who can't find link, just google it winbox exploit , github link will appear and it works on version from 6.28-6.42

  4. How can I hack your server?

  5. Does it work on others

  6. Who have the link script ?

  7. Thanks 😉 we make new method for Mass Exploit , here is the video =>

  8. mantap tutorialnya gan 🙂
    saya udah like dan subsback channelmu,
    salam kompak ya ,,,

  9. Terima kasih informasinya. Tempel balik kk. Ditunggu.

  10. nyimak kawan sama paketnnya n di tunggu kembaliannya

  11. 22 sudah nempel permanen di tungu kembalianya yah salam sukses

  12. Good video…dah ditempel balik….lengkap dan permanen

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