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Hacking my Truck with OBD-II

I just need a wire that tells my GPS system how fast my truck is going, but it was missing from the OBD-II connector.

This might block most people from finishing the project, but I know the speed is available on the CAN bus. In this project, I built a little device that plugs into the On Board Diagnostics connect and reads the vehicle speed from the CAN bus.

Read the article on Hackaday:

23 Comments on Hacking my Truck with OBD-II

  1. Bil, when you stated "daughterboard" vs shield, I applauded !!!

  2. This tutorial is level: ULTIMATE
    Only for NASA enginners!

  3. You got so many cool projects. I don't know if its just me, because I found this channel 2 days ago, but I think most of your content is buried by the other HACKADAY (conferences) videos, which is really sad.
    And I couldn't find the part 2 of this video…. 🙁

  4. Am I overlooking something? Can't find "Part 2 Software". Or is it just Putty man pages?

  5. Thanks for this.

  6. hi thanks for share .i have a question what do to the pcm when you jump pin4(ground) to pin 13 for more than 30 minutes on toyotas models .the other day i replaced a pcm and i did the job and the car worked perfect. does it empty the learned values of the computer or just erase one side of the memory and the pcm load again those news values ….. and thanks again to share the knowledge

  7. Excellent video! I'm stumbled upon this because I'm planning on doing a similar project using an AVR controller and the newer STN1170/2120 chip. Have you played with the newer STN series?

  8. I'd like to see more about replacing the software in OEM nav systems, to make better use of the hardware already included with the vehicle.

  9. Bil –
    You are busy so I will get right to my question. I have a 1995 4 runner which I am attached to, and I have had a dread of some kids breaking into it and stealing it. I have been mulling over how to have a concealed switch that will prevent the car from running if it is off. I don't want to mess with interrupting gas flow, so that leaves electric.

    I have some experience in wiring and basic electronics (arduino type stuff is as smart as I get -tho I'm not suggesting using one), and I wonder if you would suggest something, or maybe mention some things that you have heard of, but are not suggesting.


  10. subtitle bahasa Indonesia please

  11. Great video. I'm actually really jealous about your lab 🙂

  12. PCBway is good…fast and inexpensive…

  13. Very cool, Bil – I learned a lot of OBD…

  14. Greetings from across the river!
    If you ever do get motivated enough to do that as a through-hole kit, please pass the word!

  15. were you in the 38th?

  16. very interesting, didn't know there was such thing as a PCB that simulated a car

  17. 5:51 DESIGN TITLE: ODBII Speedpulse


    Thumbs up anyway.. 😉

  18. Nice interface chip, what CAD package is that?

  19. BIL HERD. Awesome.

  20. Really interesting! Great video, I'm also interested to know if it is possible to write data? Keep up the good work!

  21. Love it! Keep it up! And question about obd2- I get you can read data, it's a diagnostic port and that's it's main function, but can you also write? Like can I tell my car through it I want to go 60 mph? From what I can read online the answer is no and that makes sense but I thought I'd ask. Not that I want to try XD

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