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24 Comments on Hacking the Apple TV 1st Generation

  1. Remember apple removed hdmi in the macbook

  2. Wait why is this in my raccomandation

  3. youtube in 2014: bad video no recommend

  4. Hello, just watched your apple tv 1st gen hack, I am stuck now with Apple tv icon and flashing question mark. would you have any idea how I can fix this problem, I used OSMC install to HDD and when it asked me to remove the USB drive and the power cable for 10 seconds, I think the mistake I made was replugging in the power and USB drive again, and now the screen is stuck on this error. Please help, My apple tv 1st gen is the 160gb hard drive version. Thanks.

  5. is it just me or does the video look clear as fuck except him

  6. From wich year does this apple tv dates from,2005???

  7. the early raspberry pi generations had 256 megs and worked fine.

  8. so much german "movies" 3:21

  9. Wow ???? look at that thermal paste everywhere!

  10. Just buy a chrome cast….

  11. Xbmc or kodi has a apple tv skin hummm
    Also kodi now has a netflix addon

  12. I know that this  is an old video, but can I just connect it to my TV and powermac G4 and play movies from the 1st Gen apple TV directly to my TV using the hard drive to store what movies I want to have on it.  I have a program that burns my movies from DVD to files so I could put them on the hard drive.  I also heard that the hard drive could be updated to 2TB, if so can the exact format of the original hard drive be copied over to the 2TB hard drive just with a larger partition to story your movies in?  I don't mind converting them to a compatible format, my software does that automatically.  Thanks, I had picked a couple of this up in a garage sale and I was wanting to see what I can do with them, but did not want to get rid of the original software to put on software hack.

  13. Back when his channel was the IBook Channel

  14. you cannot have it all… lol

  15. is it possible, to run retroarch – linux-like os ( lakka tv and others), on that apple tv ?

  16. You could install damn small linux or Arch 32 on it. Then use a tiny window manager. Make a big swap partition and make sure every program has a small memory footprint.

  17. Its made by asians…it can be hacked easily

  18. Put linux on it sir

  19. WHY in the world do people buy Apple and put up with this crap? What a joke!

  20. You might be able to run Freedos

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