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Hacking Tip: See If Someone’s Blocked You

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If you use IM programs such as Yahoo Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger, this is a way that you can see if anyone has blocked you from seeing their status.

29 Comments on Hacking Tip: See If Someone’s Blocked You

  1. how about Facebook

  2. funfull(dot)com/msn-block-checker

    new url

  3. it's not working in msn it try it with @hotmail And @msn it whows Status: Unknown thanks any way i like your by the way i like your videos

  4. You should hear the song called "nana – lonely" xD

  5. go to its work 😉

  6. does it work for skype too?

  7. this doesn't work ._.

  8. what if a friend shows as OFFLINE on yahooblockchecker and then they appear as ONLINE on your list. what does that mean?

  9. if someone blocks u that means u already won ahahahaha TROLLS RULLE

  10. I Like you 🙂 you're not some bullshit phony who wants 100k views

  11. is there a way to do this on facebook

  12. I'm unsure if this works. I typed in my own screen name to test it and the site told me I was offline. Meanwhile, I was chatting away just fine with one of my buddies.

  13. @M4RCUS130 go to for msn and facebook

  14. its work use facebook??

  15. what about facebook? got any link for facebook block checker?

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  17. i got unknown status, so didnt work

  18. This isn't really useful, because you have to do this when they are Online so you can't check if they blocked you if they are offline.

  19. Is there any site that shows me , who flips his finger when I am turning my back??? except the taxidrivers

  20. my frnd has blocked me in facebook …. is there any way i can unblock myself ……. (we had a haughty argument…) pls help…..

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