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Hacking Tip: Trace IP addresses to a location

This video will show you how you can trace IP address or websites to a specific location.

20 Comments on Hacking Tip: Trace IP addresses to a location

  1. Bro,some guy just showed my router model and where I got it from and other crap like my IP and stuff.How far can this guy get about my info?Am I in deep?

    Usually these guys are trolls but thing happened twice man..

  2. Try to get this location anyone wanna take the challenge?

  3. plis destroy this

  4. Thank you, I already knew about this trace, I am learning security bit by bit.

  5. enjoy, back door always open as well haha

  6. Someone hacked my account what should i do to trace him or her and get rid of him or her for good

  7. can you track emails?

  8. please help me to hack my ex facebook account

  9. PFFFT Everyone knows you just make a GUI interface in visual basic.

  10. This video is over 7 years old. It's links do not work. Save your time and move on.

  11. thanks the bitch who did dis knows its coming

  12. is there some kind of download

  13. wow it's amazing thank you for make this video

  14. I hope that u know that hacking ip addresses can get u locked up in federal prison 4 a very long time if not 4ever. So I reporting this video. I hope the police c this!!!!

  15. does not work well… the location it finds for my IP is some 45km afar

  16. Your music is way too loud and distracting! 

  17. If I wanted to find a specific youtuber and tracert him/her how do I do it.

  18. would of been quicker to do "nsookup <ip address>"

  19. Ha u use linux no way we can hack you 

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