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Hacking with Android – Apps that you can use to “Hack” or do some cool tricks on a network

These are two apps that you can use to play some cool tricks on your friends at their houses when you’re connected to their network. It’s a lot of fun but be sure to use it WISELY and NOT illegally..and if you do, don’t blame me! lol..check it out.

Network Spoofer:
Wifi Kill:


4 ESSENTIAL Android Apps/Utilities:

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20 Comments on Hacking with Android – Apps that you can use to “Hack” or do some cool tricks on a network

  1. wifi kill app is not working in moto g2 device, when i tried to on the scanning it show wifikill service is stopped. can u help me.

  2. when i launch the app and click start message comes (Something went wrong whilst trying to load. Perhaps the SD card isn't plugged in, or you didn't accept the superuser command? Check the log for more details) I have downloaded the file and granted super user to this app still this problem !!


  4. MITM + ARP Poisoning

  5. Can you be traced from these apps ?? Can I just turn off my GPS on my phone nd I won't be seen or traced ?? If I want to prank someone I want it for perfect nd not get caught lol

  6. Cant download the extra file

  7. Thanks T3CHSMASH….. both the apps work on my testing LOVE IT!! (^_^)

  8. Why does your apk link set off my anti virus MALWARE detection??! Kindly clarify.

  9. I can't understand you ….

  10. Nothing happens it doesn't show pass word
    On WPA 2
    Doesnt work for me
    Can u give sm suggestion

  11. Where can you download these apps?

  12. is there an app to hack wifi in android phones ?

  13. WARNING: DO NOT CLICK SHAHIDS LINK. As soon as I clicked it (on accident) it uploaded my laptop with 15 different apps immediately, not only did it do that but they were infected with viruses, malware, ect. my antivirus crashed completely and I'm still frantically working on it. Disregard that piece if shit "human being"

  14. every time I press start it tells me something went wrong. I've got all of the requirements. (netspoof)

  15. I like trouble, I do it on school principal

  16. is it root needed ……..

  17. hey bro cheers for shit needing to know a good custom rom for galaxys2 gt19100t vodaphone have root etc if u could tell me that be great

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