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Hak5 – Stealing Windows passwords. the Katana USB boot key

Stealing Windows passwords with a crafty Metasploit Keylogger – Mubix explains. Shannon’s hacking from a cave with the Katana USB boot key, automated file renamers Firefox security extensions and more

50 Comments on Hak5 – Stealing Windows passwords. the Katana USB boot key

  1. Am i only one that see different player that normal in this video?

  2. When i start ophcrack my computer just crashes…

  3. I clicked for the gril

  4. holy shit.. she just did that.. she just made me lose the game.. like WTF! that was unexpected gangsta status! GG WP

  5. veil frameworks useful , looking tp ebuild it for Gentoo & variants ie Sabayon funtoo etc. veil can be used to hide metasploit. , EESET has a hare trigger , often kills metasploit downloads for Linux in virtual machine, others have Norton or McAfee (dies of laughter) veil morphs payloads from metaspolit payloads , 
    (if they use Norton or McAfee you drive a truck past those red and white Cain scanners (blind & memory hogging pigs) normally i run Linux on 2nd drive but stuck to windows 8 drv. till moved… eeset seems to go off if I have the sniffles…  however I have yet to try veil/metasploit against it.

  6. darren you and that sweetheart shannon get along so well you really should get  married 
    the chemistry there says your both int each other but to shy to say so

  7. Monteros! in albany CA,

  8. White hat hacking people, white hat hacking.

  9. For anyone having problems with the bootinst.bat only finding ur flashdrive. open a command prompt as admin. then put in ur usbs drive letter aka D: ,then cd boot, then bootinst.bat. this will allow you to set it up. good luck.

  10. my password beats yours,keepass2 with 211 master password, facebook 500 length.

  11. square making drug dealing easier since 2011.

  12. have you ever pentested shannon? if not, I would be happy to up load my l̶o̶a̶d̶ (code) to her face / in and around her mouth!

  13. Am I crazy or does he think those are the subnet masks of those IPs? ridiculous.

  14. I honestly cannot laugh at you enough.

  15. yoo guys destroy thes lagg switchers

  16. You have to disable secure boot and enable legacy boot. Stupid, I know…

  17. you must disable boot from your HDD on your Bios .

  18. the j-pop song was from scandal on the video it said haruka shouldn't it be harukaze?

  19. Hack5 would be a better show if they stop doing the commercial stuff.

  20. i wonder if metasploit can still do all that awesome stuff, or that everything is patched nowadays..

  21. yes it does, change it in bios

  22. Windows 8 doesn't let you boot from usb does it? :S I tried to boot my backtrack 5 off my usb today on my new laptop and it didn't even give me an option to select boot menu

  23. boot into the BIOS (as you just turn on your computer keep pressing either F2, F8, F10 or F12) it changes from computer to computer. Then in there, change your boot sequence so that it checks USB first

  24. haha :)) room362 has pirated windows 7

  25. hii there,
    Latest Updated 2013 forr linnk… ( No viruses – Kaspersky with SCANNED )
    This is Workk! link >>

  26. Mine automatically selects the C drive how do I change this?

  27. What? Only 7 mbit upload speed? Here in sweden we have fiber kabel. Geting around 800mbit/s down and 200 mbit/s up. 😀


  29. Current doesn't matter if your using a system that works period. For the money, portability and speed the Asus original eeePC is the best and can be a throw away if necessary. Can also add up to 128 Gb nano SSD for storage but would use a persistant USB thumb with the simple 4Gb nano SSD. eeePC can be had for less than $100.

  30. In your opinion, what would be the most best and current laptop for hacking? Something lightweight that can utilize things like backtrack, and etc. Thanks for whoever decides to reply!!! <3

  31. Does Darren move kind of like Ed Grimley?

  32. Considering they're not related nor married, no it shouldn't.

  33. iaaaam reaadddy iaaaam readddddy w00t w00t! 😀

  34. I like you guy, but I would like you even more if you started putting links in the description 🙂

  35. From what im seeing here, meterpreter basicly does the same thing as psexec (PS Tools)
    from Sysinternals 🙂

  36. 12:00 two hours later…

  37. Good info, but you guys need to get less personal, and stop talking to each other as much as you talk to the viewers.

  38. should change the title to long ass advert!

  39. Yes, the show is awesome, but that headcrab crowbar is the bee's knees. You don't know how many times I asked my parents for one when I was young..

  40. google hackerszone.forumotion

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