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Hands-on: Windows on Mac with Parallels 13

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Get Parallels:
How to install more RAM in 5K iMac:
How to install Windows using Boot Camp:

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):…

48 Comments on Hands-on: Windows on Mac with Parallels 13

  1. does it boot from the bootcamp patititio cus i already have windows

  2. You are doing windows 10

  3. If you were to plug in storage or a smartcard would it show up in the windows interface? Don’t have much experience with virtual machines. For work I need to use a smartcard with certificates for authentication

  4. Thanks for your video, it's good

  5. windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupt or missing ??
    please helppp

  6. I have an existing subscription … but I don't use it … for sale everybody ? half price

  7. how to shut down that virtual machine, plz reply

  8. Can I install windows software as well?

  9. Yay I can play more than 5 games on steam whooooo

  10. is this safe can I switch back to Mac

  11. Ok so it worked but how do I make it run faster

  12. HI Jeff Can I upgrade my MacBook Pro Ram?

  13. hi you showed us how to download windows 10 on an external hard drive using VMware can you please make the same video using Parallels 13 on a external hard drive or it will not work with it ? Thanks

  14. So no need to install Win 10 via DVD or bootable USB, Parallels does it all automatically?

  15. how about using Virtual box with free windows from developer page on Microsoft

  16. US$80 + the cost of Windows.

  17. How do u switch windows side to side like that

  18. Would this work on a 2009 mid MacBook Pro ? I have 8gb or ram

  19. Why use parallels? when you can install windows direct to the Mac anyway.

  20. That's more worth it for using parallel dekstop than installing Windows 10 via bootcamp because through the bootcamp it takes longer than using the parallel dekstop. And it also can using Windows and Mac at the same time. I Appreciate it

  21. Lmao – I got it and instead of it being windows it was mac. I have two macs. I died of laughter

  22. after buying,how i will get activateed key.I mean message or email?

  23. how to solve that error…"cannot change settings until virtual machine is shut down" ???

  24. it worked but I have a little bit of space on Mac

  25. picture in picture is useless utility, just would drain the RAM, I'm using parallels 13 on my new MBA 2018 with 16gigs of ram and windows 7 32 bit (for windows only apps) and it works great
    Parallels is so much better and faster than VMware

  26. does it work for solidworks ? can i change the amount of RAM after the configuration ?

  27. Just a question if you already used up your trial does it just pay on its self or does it ask you? Plz help

  28. bit pricey but i guess its what you intend to do on windows. can you tell me what its like to games on the virtual windows? – hardware: mac mini 32gb ram/3.2GHz 6-core i7/ black magic eGPU, thanks

  29. Can it be used to create win 10 on external drive ( like you did with vmvare fusion ) ? Wintousb etc

  30. i cannot play world of tanks using Parallels with my Radeon RX460 4 gb….

  31. how to change cpu&memory (processors) ??!!

  32. I bought Parallels 8 and a couple years later upgraded to OS Sierra (from OS SnowLeopard) and then realized that Parallels 8 does not support OS Sierra. Sierra is horrible. Bunch of bugs, the user interface has schizophrenia.

  33. Mamie Get The Product Key Online form Niekey . com . it was soo easy to install and to use.

  34. How do i configure in fullscreen mode

  35. Can you play fortnite like this‍ please tell me!?

  36. ok, I have this but i can't use an Ip puller such as console sniffer or Lanc because it says im using ethernet… help please

  37. You didn’t highlight the most compelling feature of Parallels DT and that being, Coherence mode. The ability to hide the Windoze desktop and run Windoze apps from the dock as if they were Mac apps. Having the ability to drag and drop from a Mac finder window to a Windoze app etc.

  38. I can't open Microsoft Edge on my parallels can anyone help? Im parallels 14

  39. Apple should care more about Pro users and allow us KVM with PCI Passthrough for serious usage of virtual machines

  40. Have you tried using a eGPU with the win10 vm? to play games etc… I know you are big egpu fans and would love to see if steam worked in a vm win 10 enviroment

  41. I'm still in a muddle about the mechanism of Parallel Desktop.

    Is that the Windows OS acts as a "skin" over the MacOS in such a way that every single app I download via Windows will actually be stored into the Macintosh HD (local SSD)? Is that all those Windows exclusive apps (say the language input sources) can merely be run when the Parallel Desktop is in operation (despite the app being installed in Macintosh HD)?

    I've tried the trial version for a while. It seems that it automatically makes a duplicate of apps to be shared between the two OS. Is that the reason why people complaint about it consuming too many resources of the computer?

    Any explanation will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  42. so this is just a Virtual machine then?

  43. Hi Jeff,
    Talking about RAM, can you advise where I can buy from RAM replacement for my MBP 13" retina, early 2015?

  44. whats the difference between this and the FREE virtualbox ?

  45. May I use programs like Corel Draw or Photoshop in Windows?

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