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Hands-on with Samsung DeX for Windows 10

Samsung has released a new app for Windows and macOS that turns your PC into a DeX dock for your Galaxy Note 10 and other compatible Galaxy phones. Check it out!

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24 Comments on Hands-on with Samsung DeX for Windows 10

  1. +++++++NOTE ONLY++++++ DEX TO COMPUTER ________________DOES NOT WORK WITH S10

  2. Hey It's work for Galaxy s9?

  3. Can't think of any situation where this would be useful tbh. Also wasn't this already an existing feature called screen mirroring?

  4. can use samsung s6? onnthis dex?

  5. 30fps lock unfortunately if connected directly to the PC

  6. if i connect by pc by usb the resolution is bad.. isn't high quality, why? where i can put 4k res?

  7. Does this works with the Samsung S7 Edge? Because, I don't know what's with the program, it just won't connect.

  8. Dex is only avaliable for Samsung phones only or i can use my 2017 LG K10 to run Dex?


  10. Has any one try it on S10 plus? does it work?, i´m not able to connect

  11. Does it work on note 8 and 9?

  12. does this work for the s8?

  13. does it work with USB type A to type C cable? if not what cable do I need to use?

  14. hi …. does this only work with a surface docking Station ?

  15. Does the DeX app utilize your native 4k screen resolution? It better bc it only allows FHD on the dock and with cable even though it "supports 4k".

  16. can i use this app with an s8 too?

  17. This is what continuum with 950xl was supposed to be… Although that is history now, I'm glad to see the vision lives on

  18. Can you run it at 4K when attached to PC? Does it accept PC pen input?

    (Dex's max resolution is 3440×1440 when done directly to a monitor, and no review specifies this…)

  19. How is yours so smooth? mine takes like 5 years to open an app…

  20. I hope my phone companion would get these features for a non-Samsung Android device

  21. Can use note 9 for that?

  22. So this could make my old Lenovo Yoga Book fast again as a Dex setup. Would i have to connect it to the HDMI port or the USB to use Dex and would it work with the Note 9.

  23. Does it work for the Note 9

  24. Why isnt my dex 60fps?

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