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10 Comments on Hctp pain tricks & hack and glitch

  1. Man I used to have the sickest hacked move set

  2. hmmmmm you use the codebreaker -_-

  3. That referee 😀

  4. u should have donw people's elbow 3rd tym and how did u got those number of tables on ring side

  5. can you email me the hacks

  6. Must play as a character with dropping the dime.
    To escape the steel cage without winning play a triple threat pin and submissions (not necessary) cage match (easiest with friends) beat up one character and then knock them onto the ground start dropping the dime and, as you go on the apron have the third player punch you, if done right you will fall to the outside and be able to wander around!

  7. either Get any superstar and go to the cell match. Once you start the match, go close to the ropes and let your opponent to be there (close to the ropes). Once he is close to the ropes, grapple him and he will be magically teleported on the other side or

  8. What codes for walk through cage

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