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High-tech car theft: How to hack a car (CBC Marketplace)

We go on the hunt for the mysterious device police believe those thieves are using to steal your car.
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33 Comments on High-tech car theft: How to hack a car (CBC Marketplace)


  2. Why didn't the alarm go off when the car door was opened if the alarm was on smh.???? ????

  3. "the fastest spreading computer virus of all time" lol no… no he didnt.

  4. Why go to so much trouble? Just steal the key…
    Its not hard to open a car with the right equipment, but the fine for having that kind of tech in the states etc is more than stealing a car key.

  5. Russia is full of stolen American cars. Thanks mister Trump

  6. Excellent Tutorial! GOOD JOB!

  7. People actually loose there car keys all the time. It’s just a bad rep for actual good people in the world that use eBay to purchase items to open your car door or reprogram a new car key. ????

  8. I was involved with vehicle security systems (mainly GM and BMW) perhaps 20 years ago, left just when these key fobs that program via an RF signal came to be. I am surprised that there has not yet been a change in the fob programing process that would make a requirement so as you need to know some personal data about the owner in order to program a new fob. The people (the manufactures) are clever or smart enough to build these great cars, I am certain they know how easy it would be to add some lines to the programing code. Must be some reason it is not done other than simply not knowing how to fix the problem.

  9. Do the bad guys know that their stolen "computers on wheels" leave traces everywhere ..where they are , go etc …as do their cell phones , PC etc …that everything they say or write (texto etc)on their smartphone , carphone,PC etc  is recorded …that cameras on most places dont only see but also hear…that their webcam , microphone , TV,engines etc (most electronic devices ) can be turned on and of from a distance by many police forces …Why do the "bad guys  sometimes get away with it …because often  police forces dont take the time or think it is not  worth catching them (too expensive and takes too much time)..The futur?? ..with AI.. =>immediat  intervention (crime , marketing , search etc The only thing they will only be able to guess is what you will be thinking…So "bad" guys ..think twice …

  10. "Everything was gaaan" ????

  11. Always with the sensationalism. Man in the middle attacks require the original key fob signal to be blocked and copied. This still will not start the car unless it's keyless (becoming popular).
    Your locksmith is bonded and gets access to electronic security keys for each car. As long as you arrange for a blank Fob in advance and have the subscription to the software you can get the codes to join the new fob.
    These are possible issues but definately not crimes of opportunity.
    Besides… a tow truck can come along and take your car even faster.
    As shown at the end of the episode… If you still have a key… That eliminates electronic sniffing – yet still doesn't stop thieves.
    Be mindful where you park your car and don't stress about it.

  12. What happens if the vehicle owners stop using their key fobs?
    Maybe if you own a nice car lock it with the button on the door.

  13. This crime crap is so bad. It makes me wonder if life is worth a crap !!

  14. Why are they projecting onto a van

  15. Samy Kamkar created the fastest spreading computer virus of all time, this gut should have both of his hands cut off. We do not need this kind of person in our world. Make an example of him.

  16. Just get an alarm installed on your car that is not connected to the power locks mechanism… when you hear your alarm go off at night, just grab your AR-15 and do the neighborhood a huge favor.

  17. "their vehicles are safe"… after she shows him video of a guy "stealing" her car LOL.

  18. The whole process took too long

  19. That's why that dude drives a nice car. He gets paid by car companies to find flaws on their car security

  20. To give me these new era period of the modern year era world are very easily complexion high-tech device system and a easy way how criminal had a great mystery secret device to unlock the car door and open door insecurities the car with it,or drove the car with fast and line clear with very fast.It is very weird between the non-high tech car theft use a manual equipment and the high-tech car theft have a great mystery device system technologies can reprogram and stole the car with faster.

  21. Corporate America hires the worst developers and engineers.
    Don't believe me?
    Send in someone's resume with stellar credentials or just make one up and send it in.
    NONE will get a reply.
    Once a mediocre developer or engineer gets into a position of power, no one better than him gets hired.

  22. I remenber back in the days when the only thing needed to steal a car was a piece of a spark plug a craftsman flathead screwdriver a a pair of gloves…Blazers, Buick Regals, cutlass supreme,Oldsmobiles, Monte Carlos,corvette, least to say Honda accord,civic, and the list goes on….
    Nothing high tech,!!! LOL
    Gone in less the 45 seconds..
    Like if you know what I mean…????????????????????

  23. im getting a bicycle !!!

  24. Use a gas shut off switch

  25. Low tech car theft: Get a cameraman and break straight into the car.

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