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Homeowners Hacks… Window Cleaning

Homeowners Hacks… Window cleaning. How to clean windows.This is the first video in a series that is aimed at helping homeowners take better care of the homes they love. You can clean your windows like a pro buy listening to a pro window cleaner and using his techniques. As a homeowner you can clean your own windows by going to Home Depot and buying an Unger Vice Versa. all it takes is the Unger Vice Versa , some Dawn dish washing soap, and a Bucket. that is how you clean windows.
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8 Comments on Homeowners Hacks… Window Cleaning

  1. Thank you for the tips. Wish my windows were at standing level. Sure makes it easier.

  2. Hmm…. Just keep putting them out. Share your gear… I love videos of window cleaners that are on the job. I have a list of things for my videos, but can't find the time.

  3. Your hired! Nice job my friend…

  4. you look like your good at what you do. i remember when my window cleaner used to clean its almost hypmotizing how smooth you guys clean everything. thanks for the tips i have a lot of big windows on my house

  5. Good job. Some new comers need this.

  6. My first thought was, why is Kevin giving away trade secrets? But, there are those that cannot afford to hire someone to wash windows or just don't want to, and there are a lot more of them, then those that will wash their windows.
    At least Kevin just gave some simple tips, not the ones that enable professional window washers to do a window quickly, and make money at the trade.

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