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Honor 8X : First 10 Things To Do!

DO NOT MISS: Honor 8X In Depth Gaming Review –

Honor 8X pricing and availability:

A few of you have said you have had a hard time following along. Here is a full written guide showing you the path to all the settings

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49 Comments on Honor 8X : First 10 Things To Do!

  1. Does anyone know how to remove the video enhancement? The screen color becomes brighter when i play videos..

  2. Watching it on my 8x

  3. Sir Mujeh honor 8x me keypad se vibrate nikalna he kese nikalu plz help

  4. How to clear apps data in honor 8x

  5. Watching this on my 8X????

  6. Am loving this phone. But i need a little help not sure if anyone can help me. The phone is only reading one sim card… Is there a way to get it to read both?

  7. Thanks for the video.. can the three key navigation be reversed so the back button is on the right?

  8. first of all : P. U. B. G

  9. honour lena si hoga ki ni

  10. Is it possible to have two apps open? When I have the sigle key navigation.

  11. Pls how to hide app

  12. Honor 8x ano. Nova 3i ano nallath bros

  13. Can we create folders in drawer mode

  14. See on my Honor 8x

  15. Watching on 8x????????

  16. Watching on my honor ????

  17. More like 10 things everyone already knows, dumbass

  18. I don't have the single key Navigation on my Mate 20 Pro, i can find it in the settings but it's nit appliable, why is that?

  19. How to get rid of this screen protector ? 0:07

  20. My X8 gets delivered tomorrow woo hoo ????

  21. y'all which colour do u recommend for the honor 8x? Should i go with the blue?

  22. Where do I get the 8x max? It's not available anywhere else apart from vmall…but I don't live in China…

  23. Thank you so much, now I know about my system navigation I have been search it how should I change the sighn on my screen. But now I know thanks
    Please share more video about this phone because I bought it hahaha make us more happy with our phone thanks a bunch

  24. Does 8x have a function that similar wif iphone x series , for example swipe up from the bottom and it will directly go to home ??

  25. How to disable maintenance mode in honors 8x

  26. Is the 8x NOT LTE compatible on at&t or t-mobile?

  27. Watching on my honor 8x!????

  28. Bought it today ????????????BTW, first thing I did was setting my theme 😀 I just don't like this original theme when you buy new phone 😀

  29. How to take screen record on honor 8X

  30. Do you know how to turn off the karaoke effects icon that sits on my screen when I plug in a headset

  31. i want it so badly but amazon has no reviews or prime and all the eBay sellers seem really sketchy

  32. How long should charge Honor 8x at 1st charging

  33. Ineed help . In in New York and i dont know wher to buy this phone . im going crazy. its to expensive on amazon and has no reviews, and the shippers on ebay seem sketchy based on the bad reviews and generic positive ones, gearbest, and tomtop i have to forget because i need it by Jan 15

  34. Is this phone have guest mode or multi user option

  35. First thing first install a luncher (nova)…

  36. Lmao…… Watching in honor 8x…..

  37. i got mine 2 months ago and this phone is great and coolest phone that i ever had ????????

  38. My honor 8x can't connect to wifi how to fix it?

  39. How is the network coverage in the US

  40. I can still have messenger chat heads in Mobile legends. Im on uninterrupted gaming. Any advise?

  41. Thanks shane, nice and very informative video you made. Keep good things going

  42. How did u enabled the iphone x controls ? I have 8x and i have there square cyrcle And triangle

  43. Y9 2019 or honor 8x? ????
    Help ????

  44. Yup, that's mah phone rhat theh!

  45. Hello, so i recently bought my Honor 8x and i noticed that it doesn't vibrate. In the "Mute-but-vibrate" setting for notifications it doesn't vibrate and is just mute. Does your Honor 8x vibrates and mine is just broken? Or is it normal?

  46. I just screen grabbed your fingerprint and soon hack your account ????

  47. First thing wrong, you took the free glass protector off..

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