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How I Built My Desk (Ikea Desk Hack)

Thanks for all the feedback on this project. I put together this video to hopefully answer some of the questions regarding the how it was made. If you haven’t seen the original video of my desk tour there is a link below.

Materials and cost:
4 Besta Tofta closet doors-$50 ea. ($200)
1 Linnmon table top- $26
5 Ikea brand adjustable legs-$3.50 ea. ($17.50)
8 (4 inch) Ikea Capita legs-$28 ea. ($56)
3 (8 foot) pieces of PVC trim-$12 ea. ($36)
1 Tube of apoxy-$4
1 Box of (3/4 inch) wood…

20 Comments on How I Built My Desk (Ikea Desk Hack)

  1. Wow! Great job. My only issue is the plastic drawers underneath. May as well make/buy some that match the beautiful desk.

  2. This is beauitful bro. Wonder if there is one that you can buy in one set haha and predrilled

  3. That set up looks Awesome !

  4. This guy sounds just like Howard Stern. You need to pursue a career in radio.

  5. That looks amazing, Great job man

  6. Looks sweet with the LEDs in colour mode (ocean/sapphire blue for me). Nice work. The only thing that would kill me from this desk is needing somewhere for my network MFC + tri head gfx + 2way radios and more crap. Though I guess the MFC could sit on a wheeled store cart and the rest in the desk.

  7. Nice workplace, you might want to check mine.

  8. what are the Dell monitors you have in this video?

  9. Great job Mike! I am thinking of doing something similar using impact glass with a white inner layer for both the desk and hutch!

  10. Hi Mike, I was going to make my own Ikea desk. I was looking to getting the LINNMON 78 3/4'' table top. I was wondering on how many legs I would need to use to be able to support this? I have a feeling like ill need 5 legs (One for the middle) but I'm worried I'd have the pole right in between my legs! Thoughts?

  11. I never understand why people buy Macs, for the $2,299.00 iMac you get an i5 cpu

  12. Fantastic job on the desk and the video… thanks for the ideas

  13. as soon as i saw the mac, i wanted to leave the video

  14. +Mike Lubrano is this what you use for the legs of the desk?

  15. Anyone who disliked this must have a shity life. you can see a piece of art and hard work here.

  16. Thank you for the post, it was very helpful.

  17. This is an excellent piece. Thx so much! I've experimented with different ideas.

  18. Great job mike. I wish you was from nyc. I would have pay you to build something like this for me. Now i would have to hired some professional workers to help me out. lol

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