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How I Edit My Videos With Windows Movie Maker Tutorial | Littleworldofeline

In this video I’m showing you how I edit my videos with Windows Movie Maker! This program is easy to use and totally free! I’m showing a step by step tutorial for beginners but also if you want to know extra tricks to do effects in this editing software.

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35 Comments on How I Edit My Videos With Windows Movie Maker Tutorial | Littleworldofeline

  1. Thank you so much for over one million views! ???? I never expected this would actually happen. Let me know what kind of tutorials you would like to see next ????

  2. do u pay for installing movie maker?

  3. That was really helpful
    I didn't know about the start tab button always use to do split and delete ????????‍♀️
    You saved my lot of time
    Thanks dear ❤️❤️

  4. i have one question plz tell me when i was save video so my save as type is window media video file not MPEG 4 …and thats why my video not properly run…. what s reason behind that?

  5. This was SO helpful you have no idea! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the video ????????

  7. It's really helpful! I've always thought I've needed a better video editor but now I don't! This helped me out a lot. I make gaming videos but it still helps. Again thank you!

  8. It won't let me add music ;c

  9. Hello, after 13 years of editing experience, this is my new page. every day I share video editing tutorial, free presets, please have look , you will find it useful , Thanks anyway

  10. I can't find it on my computer????

  11. I use windows movie maker, but as you can see in my recent video it's super super grainy!! how can I fix this?

  12. I've learnt a lot watching your video. Interesting how the clips in the intro are cut super short! ????

  13. what is the macker called

  14. I would like to know how to cut a scene from a movie using video maker.

  15. Thanks for the suggestion , it’s really helpful I was looking for good video editor

  16. That was soooooo helpful!!!

  17. How did you record the voice over? With an extra mic?

  18. 1. Sub to me
    2. Tell other people
    3. I’ll sub to u straight away!

  19. This is perfect for people with no experience editing whatsoever. Thank you so much.

  20. Hi, do you know how to add picture on the video?

  21. Cool Video! Thankyou!

  22. Is it funny how my add was about editing videod

  23. This is sooooo helpful thank you!!

  24. This is soooo helpful. Thanks

  25. a newbee here… we just subbed…. im always looking for a movie maker/editing for my daughter's site. hopefully this will work. Thanks in advance. Please check my daughter's site and would like a support. Thanks again…

  26. Oh my gosh, thank you soooo much for this video, luv! You've helped me out a lot.

  27. Thanks I can finally edit

  28. haiii im new to ur channel i love ur vid btw ur sooo pretty ps i subed

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

  30. is there anything like this for IOS, I've tried so many but they won't let me split and delete parts or it comes out really crap and you can only watch it through the app 

  31. wuz that charlie puth singing hotline bling

  32. Your videos are suppper helpful ! Thank you girl !!!

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