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How to activate Windows 8.1 PRO Permanent

This is a video about how you can activate your windows computer without a license key. where this program can activate your windows with a valid license key fully automatic.

More Downloads :

-Download KMS Pico (Newesst Version):

WinRAR 64/86 bits
Check it out:
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21 Comments on How to activate Windows 8.1 PRO Permanent

  1. Link updated dual some problems!

  2. Thanks u so mach

  3. Thank you it's working!!!!

  4. 2k19 it still works thanks man. you solved the problem

  5. thanks bro your method 100% working

  6. does it work in only windows pro?


  8. Thanks bro. You are awesome????✊????

  9. thank you very much .i was trying this to do from many days , but it done today .thank you very much one more time

  10. helped me, used link from more downloads

  11. JANUARY 2019 still working 🙂 Thank you very much broo

  12. Its Working realy realy reallly thx bro

  13. thanks a worked for me

  14. thx bro, it worked!

  15. Its worked for me in 2018!! Thanks for the help.

  16. it worked….thanks a lot….tried too many hacks before this….u r a gem….

  17. i have the original one in my cd but problem my dvd/cd cant read dvd or cd

  18. It will not work and then there is windows can't active right now .try activating windows later.if this persists contact your system administrator or technical support department for assistance. how to this problem solve in my windows 8

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