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How to Add Steam Games to the Windows 10 Start Menu (2015)

Adding steam games to the windows 10 start menu isn’t as easy as you may think. You cannot pin a regular steam shortcut to the start menu but with this method, it’s not really too complicated.

1. Right click on the game you want to be in the start menu and click “Create desktop shortcut”.

2. Hover your mouse over the newly created shortcut and write down the numbers at the end (these numbers are the app id for the game).

3. Create a new shortcut directing to
“C:Program Files…

5 Comments on How to Add Steam Games to the Windows 10 Start Menu (2015)

  1. Thx so much for the tutorial :)

  2. subtitles ftw! 😀 dunno if I'm gonna do this for all 50 games I want on my start but meh who knows?lucky, u got Cortana, its disabled 4 me D:

  3. sexsim….. really?

  4. Thanks! This helps a lot! :)

  5. Thanks! Here's a little tip for you: when you're in File Explorer, hit <shift> then right-mouse on your program name. A new option will appear in the context menu: Copy as Path which puts the path in the clipboard.

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