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How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!





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1.) Download and Setup

2.) How To Draw

3.) How To Animate in Krita

4.) How To Import Sound and Music

5.) How To…

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31 Comments on How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!

  1. un Exelente tutorial, aunque tardo en llegar a la parte que me interesaba esta muy completo con todo lo que necesitaba para poder usar felizmente el programa, no vielvo a usar el formato de animacion que viene es MUY MALO XD
    exelente video MUCHAS gracias!

  2. i am confused with this. I tried what u did but then……….i don't like this

  3. Thank you very much! Words cannot express my gratitude for this tutorial!

  4. Wow u showed everything best tutorial ever

  5. I subscribed cuz who wouldn't

  6. Please help I'm using a newer version and I set the frame rate bit it doesn't change.

  7. I deleted the layer window and Colour window, how do I get them back

  8. Thank you for the tutorial. It is very helpful. I looked for the drawing pad you mentioned and it is sold out and currently unavailable on amazon. Do you know any other sites to purchase this item or is there perhaps another one that is affordable for both PC & MAC and for all the Adobe Apps? Please let me know as soon as you can. Please and thank you. 🙂

  9. Can we add symbols or have a better way of audio scrolling? Those are my only problems.

  10. Thank you sooo much this will really help me!

  11. what is the brush you were using to make the stick figure

  12. you have taught me so much about krita in general, thank u

  13. 23:27 is where it ended for me, when I click to edit path it asks only if I wanted to rename "Path" and Edit the Variable value. Everything would've worked especially since I got comfortable with Krita. I just need another way to render the animation.

  14. I tried right clicking on the frame but instead I get a whole bunch of options BESIDES new frame

  15. 2:30 "or we could press B as in ????️oi" i absolutely lost it
    also great video!

  16. I just realized I can't draw on mouse…

  17. * coughs *

    If you has a iPad or phone…

    I’ll recommend using FlipaClip ;w;

  18. Is there a way to turn off pressure sensitivity?

  19. Audio: Gee, it sure is boring around here
    Me, sinning: mah boi

  20. Love it! Easy to understand 😀 Thank you for the tips!

  21. just got a drawing tablet and im H A P P Y. .

  22. Krita wont let me save it as a mp4..

  23. the FFmpeg wont work….even when i follow what you say

  24. I will use my touchpad but thx

  25. So no one is gonna mention that 1920p instead of 1080 (I obviously didn't read 5,444 comments so if someone else did my b)

  26. Since it safe I can finally do SOMETHING WIHT STICKMAN YEYEYEYEYEY


  27. how do u reset all the options on the side of the page? i pressed something and now it's all messed up. he mentioned it in this video, the command u need to reset everything to its default position, but i cant find the timestamp.

  28. That low key Zelda CDI audio is beautiful

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