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How to be a Computer Hacker

This tutorial will instruct you on how to be a computer hacker- both visually, and professionally.
It’s useful for impressing your friends, family, and many more! Not only does it make you look more intelligent, but trust me, you will have people constantly asking to bro out with you because they know you’re such a cool guy.

Skull & Crossbones Wallpaper:

Music Used:
“Variation on…

20 Comments on How to be a Computer Hacker

    I got in so much trouble, they thought I was taking down the school board of education, (which I wasn't)
    Do it at home,but not at school
    Unless you have a cool teacher

  2. hahaha duuuuude do you even know what hacking means? xD if you want to be a real hacker you cant just show them 3 times the same tree xD if somone is stupid inough to get friend with you because of that, he is never gonna be a real friend, just like you will never be a real hacker

  3. Hahaha try this in school guys

  4. If you know how to code:

    Write a small mem resident program that pulls the IP, account name, and admin password. Send a ping to a remote location you have set up, and put the information in the ping packet.

    Sit at your distant end, and wait for the pings. Analyze the packet content. Weeeeeee. Login remotely!

  5. what is the word between start and color i mean step two.

  6. laughed my ass off at this video.

    "If people go to your computer they know not to fuck with you." lmfao

  7. I fucking love it!!!!

  8. OMG, this is not even tutorial – this is showing stupid 'hacker' (the author).

    If he knew what is 'hacker' he could add some info as:
    You must learn few web languages, few programming and then start to build real 'things'.
    I personally had created own script (writeen in javascript) and when I insert the script on the console it votes 'automatically' witout any limit .

    First of all you can start with simple things:
    -Lean web languages as Html css javascript php etc
    -Learn programing languages (you can find many just write 'programing languages).

    This I can call something real, not opening cmd and typing one simple command as taskmgr msinfo32 or ping…
    My advice is to not copy any code if you do not undestand it – it may be virus which delete your disk information .


  10. is hacking something illegal?

  11. plss someone hack this ip adrees

  12. what is he saying at 3:10 i cant hear

  13. why did i make such an ammaaazin`  wallpaper if my Screen is completely covered up with cmd-hacking windows?? :(

  14. how to computer passwodd hacking

  15. What you did with that image kinda looks like hacking to me. I hope it's not required.

  16. Can you show us how to hack our phone when you buy something and have lots of money on our cridit card

  17. ill hack your entire life

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